BA623 Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Care

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GRADUATE PROJECT RESOURCE REQUIREMENTSYour project must incorporate the following retrieved from the ProQuest library:oAt least two sources from peer reviewed articlesoAt least two sources from scholarly websitesWikipedia is not an acceptable source of information for your project, and will not be accepted.All resources should be cited following APA1.Keep the project requirements in mind as you learn2.Review the Project RubricRubricBA623 Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Care Final ProjectBA623 Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Care Final ProjectCriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion islinked to a LearningOutcomeExaminesthoroughly the caselaw, statutes, statefederal laws that areapplicable tobioethics.75.0ptsApplies the case law, eachapplicable statute, as well asstate and federal laws indetail. Gives the applicablelaw a clear definition,citation, and presents theirrelevance to the topic. Alsogives examples of each typein reference to the topic.60.0ptsReview of case law,statutes, state andfederal law giving theactual resources aswell as a briefexplanation of theapplication to thehealthcare field.50.0ptsGives an overview of thecase law but fails to explainits application. Only liststhe applicable statutes, stateand federal laws but doesnot give examples orexplanation of theirapplication in thehealthcare field.0.0ptsDoes not includecase law,statutes, or stateand federal lawsthat areapplicable to thebioethics.75.0pts
BA623 Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Care Final ProjectCriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion islinked to a LearningOutcomeDiscussesthe concepts of tortsand negligence inthe healthcare field.75.0ptsA detailed explanation of theconcept of torts and the applicationin the healthcare field. A detailedexplanation of negligence and how itapplies to the healthcare field.Includes examples of both theconcept of torts and negligence as itrelates to the chosen topic.60.0ptsDiscusses theconcepts of tortsand negligence inthe healthcare fieldwith applicableexamples.50.0ptsLists only the conceptsof torts and negligencein the healthcare fieldwithout discussion ofeach and/or does notinclude examples.0.0ptsDoes not includethe concepts oftorts andnegligence in thehealthcare field.75.0ptsThis criterion islinked to a LearningOutcomeDiscussesthe topic’s areas oflegal and ethicalresponsibilities75.0ptsA detailed discussion ofboth the legal and ethicalresponsibilities. Givesreal world examples ofthose responsibilities asthey relate to thehealthcare field.60.0ptsGives a couple of legaland ethicalresponsibilities andexplains theirapplication. Givesexamples of eachresponsibility.50.0ptsEvaluation of the legaland ethicalresponsibility withouta complete discussionof each. Does not giveclear and applicableexamples.0.0ptsDoes not list legal andethical responsibilities,and does not givespecific examples ofthe problems thatsurround the topic.75.0pts
BA623 Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Care Final ProjectCriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion islinked to a LearningOutcomeShows aclear understandingof legal terms andconcepts.75.0ptsUses applicable legallanguage includingspecific terms andconcepts with a cleardefinition. Also includesexamples whereapplicable.60.0ptsIncludes legal termsand concepts with abrief explanation ofthe words/ideasused.50.0ptsIncludes language,terms and conceptsthat are applicable butfails to givedefinitions orexamples.0.0ptsDoes not include legallanguage or termsspecific to the topic.Does not include adefinition of the terms orconcepts presented.75.0ptsThis criterion islinked to a LearningOutcomeCommonmistakes made byhealthcare workers.25.0ptsAt least 5 common mistakesthat are made by healthcareworkers. Completediscussion of how thosemistakes are applicable tomedical malpractice.20.0ptsAt least 3 commonmistakes that are made byhealthcare workers. Basicexplanation of how theyare applicable to medicalmalpractice.17.0ptsOnly lists themistakes but there isno discussion of theirapplicability tomedical malpractice.0.0ptsPresentation doesnot include anymistakes made byhealthcareworkers.25.0pts
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