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1. Greenhouse Effect
A)Greenhouse Effect:
It is defined as airborne chemicals in the atmosphere of the earth that prevents heat from
escaping into space. The rapid burning of fossil fuels, such as coal and oil contributed to an
increase in the atmospheric concentration of GHG (Schwartz, 2018).
b) Why do we need it?
Since greenhouse gases trapped the heat energy of the earth to escape in the space, it
facilitates an optimizing temperature between cold and warm. However, excessive greenhouse
gases such as CO2 will disrupt the optimum balance between cold and hot which will result in
global warming.
c) What is the problem with it:
The common problem associated with the greenhouse effect excessive greenhouse gas
can lead to global warming and simultaneously climate change. Moreover, greenhouse effects
will result in respiratory disease, increased air pollution.
e) What is causing the problem?
Tropospheric ozone is an atmospheric pollutant cause severe air pollution and respiratory
disease. It is formed by the reaction of sunlight on air containing hydrocarbons as well as the
nitrogen dioxide.
e) Fixing strategy:
Increasing the number of employees eligible telework
Construction lessor disclosure of carbon emission (Schwartz 2018).
f) Initiatives from other countries:
NIH has assembled a comprehensive GHG inventory for reducing carbon emission such as 76-
80% carbon dioxide 10 ( 2020)..
g) Consequences:
The consequences would be:
melting ice caps
Ozone Layer
The ozone layer is defined as a region of Earth's stratosphere which absorbs most of the Sun's
ultraviolet radiation for reducing the harmful impact of ultraviolet ray.
b) Why do we need it:
The ozone layer present in the stratosphere prohibits the penetration of UV-C. It also
eliminated UV-B ray for reducing the harmful impact of social radiation (Solomon et al. 2018).
c) What is the problem with it?

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