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Grocery Store Project.Objective of this project:Practice with reading and writing to filesUsing a scanner as an inputUsing an array or an array listYour project must complete the following tasks:Your opening screen will ask if this is a new product or an existing product. If it is a new product youwill..1.Scan the upc code into a file.2.Enter the description of the item, the cost of the item, and the quantity. The description mustbe the actual product. The cost and quantity can be made up.If the product exists. Your project should act as a cash register.1.Scan the product, have the product information display on the screen2.Deduct the quantity3.Keep a running total4.Calculate tax5.Display the total at the end.6.When the product quantity is at 3, a message of time to restock should appear at the bottom ofthe screen.The final screen will allow you to scan the upc code and update the quantity and price as needed.
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