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Group Assignment: (2 to 3 people)Due Date: Nov. 30, 2016Submit in classWater Sport, Inc., manufactures a small personal water tube used for children learning toswim. Management is now preparing detailed budgets for the third quarter, July throughSeptember, and has assembled the following information to assist:1. The Marketing Department has estimated sales as follows for the remainder of the year(number of water tubes):July 6,500August 5,000September 4,000October 3,000November 2,500December 2,000The selling price of the water tubes is $60.2. All sales are on account. Based on past experience, sales are expected to be collectedin the following pattern:50% in the month of sale45% in the month following sale5% uncollectibleThe beginning accounts receivable balance (excluding uncollectable amounts) on July 1will be $160,000.3. The company maintains finished goods inventories equal to 20% of the followingmonth's sales. The inventory of finished goods on July 1 will be 1,300 units.4. Each water tube requires 3 kilograms of synthetic polyisoprene rubber compound(floating natural rubber). To prevent shortages, the company would like the inventory ofsynthetic rubber compound on hand at the end of each month to be equal to 20% of thefollowing month's production needs. The inventory of synthetic rubber compound onhand on July 1 will be 3,720 kilograms.5. The synthetic rubber compound costs $3.50 per kilogram. Water Sport pays for 70% ofits purchases in the month of purchase; the remainder is paid for in the following month.The accounts payable balance for synthetic rubber compound purchases will be $11,400on July 1.
Required:1. Prepare a sales budget, by month and in total, for the third quarter. (Show your budgetin both units of water tubes and dollars.) Also prepare a schedule of expected cashcollections, by month and in total, for the third quarter.2. Prepare a production budget for each of the months July through October.3. Prepare a direct materials purchases budget for synthetic rubber compound, by monthand in total, for the third quarter. Also prepare a schedule of expected cash disbursementsfor synthetic rubber compound, by month and in total, for the third quarter.
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