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Group Conflict Negotiation Role Play Assignment for Work Place Conflict Resolution

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This assignment requires a group of two or three to create a role play scenario for work place conflict resolution. The negotiation should move through the 4 stages of the ICRM and demonstrate effective skills. The written portion should include a brief summary, conflict analysis, evidence of preparation, examples, critique, and analysis, evaluation & judgment. The report should demonstrate self-awareness and critical analysis.
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Group Conflict Negotiation Role PlayDescription:This assignment is be submitted by a group of two, or a group of 3 if you wish to use a mediator. (You are free to select who you will work with.) You may choose any scenario of your own creation. (Work place related, and not based on a discipline related topic.) Both sides will have a need(s) and or interest(s) and both have a desire to resolve the conflict. One person will have negotiation skills and the other is less skilled. Do not have one or both people just be a soft, push-over. Script out your scene(s) so that the conflictis introduced, the negotiation moves through the 4 stages of the ICRM, skills are effectivelydemonstrated, and the issue or matter reaches closure. The setting and script for the demonstration is of your own choosing, but must be appropriate for the subject matter of work related conflict resolution. Your written portion should be +/- 2000 words and will includea.A very brief summarizing of your role-play, including details not in the original scenario from class (no more than 100 words)b.A description of the conflict using Mayer (text) conceptsc.reference to skills and behaviours related to each stage d.critical reflection on your skills in negotiating through each stage (how they did ordidn’t meet all criteria for the performance of that stage and what the impact on the negotiation was), e.noting strengths, weaknesses, and recommendations for improvement. f.preparation as appropriate for negotiation (prep form) (as an appendix and not included in the word count)Your written portion should contain a number of specific examples where you believe you have effectively demonstrated the skills and application of the ICRM, or where you might recommendspecific improvements.Evaluation Format - Part B: Written Analysis 15% of Final Grade (marked out of 100 marks)SummaryMark________/10overy brief summary of role-play (no more than 100 words)ocharacters in scenario, who is playing who, and what their organizational title isosetting - organizationodescription of conflict and it’s background (what has happened before)
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