Assignment on Growing Developments in Technology

Added on - Aug 2022

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Answer 1
With growing developments in technology, the usage of online as well as hybrid
classes have increased. There appears substantial level of acceptance from various course
competitive. Such advanced learning courses offers a range of course designs can generate
higher flexibility for leaners (Harasim, 2017). Online as well as hybrid classes facilitate
learners to complete work as per their convenience and successfully removes extensive
commute times for students. Nevertheless, learning might not offer equitable effectiveness
for every individual when it is related to effective learning. Learners with specific learning
attributes show higher propensity of taking more challenges to succeed in similar online
comparison to other due to the ease of assessments, weightage of particular types of
assignments and whether they have received the authorization of consulting their notes for
assignments and several additional factors. As per the U.S Department of Education, there is
a considerably lesser degree of improvement in gaining knowledge in online courses as
linked to customary courses with mixed courses reflecting to some extent broader impact
(Nguyen, 2015). Kauffman’s evaluation results in specific characteristics which appear to
result to greater success in online learning settings. Thus, it has been noted that online
learning courses are not for every individual. Students require gathering awareness of their
own strong points as well as ways in which these assets will likely benefit learners to prosper
in diverse development formats in order to make knowledgeable decisions.
There has been growing debate amongst educators regarding the role of memory in
opposition to intelligence in fostering effective learning. According toArghode, Brieger and
McLean (2017), it has been highly established that students have greater success in retaining
new content if they tend to consciously think about lessons in contradiction to only
memorizing through digital learning. Cognitive theorists have promoted the understanding
that the cognizance has vigorous role in education and seeking concentration on what tends to
occur in between the manifestation of ecological stimulus as well as student response.
Furthermore, as per cognitive learning theory, all individuals tend to learn in different
manner.Nguyen (2015)has noted that cognitivism recognizes that not all learners have
similar level of cognitive abilities. In consequence, not every student in online learning
courses will advance at same levels. As the core understanding of Cognitivism deal with the
way individuals use their brains to think about lessons taught, e-learning content developers
must act efficiently to challenge learners’ mind to the fullest.
Ouadoud et al. (2017) by drawing relevance of behaviourism has noted that a
behaviouristic learning approach sheds light on directing learners to attain pre-established
learning outcomes. Learning is considered to occur when students manage to attain these
expected results which are designed to accomplish the learning objectives of online learning
course. As per behaviourism, digital learners fail to offer opportunities which facilitate
students to illustrate their ability of expressing desired behavioural patterns of already
occurred learning.
Answer 2
Online learning courses show profound divergences from traditional learning courses.
Learning from online courses tends to be less demanding in relation to attention and
concentration, thus number of online learners fail to obtain success before cultivating any
progress from digital learning. Thus, for online learning content developers it is highly
imperative to reduce attrition of students from these learning courses and helps learners to
achieve success. Feedback is considered as a vital strategy in online learning. According to
Boton and Gregory (2015), when the educational process occurs in a classroom, the teacher
has several avenues to share relevant feedback in real time, consequently streamlining
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