Growing up Asian in Australia- Literature Review

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Running head: LITERATURE REVIEW Growing up Asian in AustraliaName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor’s note
2LITERATURE REVIEWConversation with My Parents by Oanh Thi TranCommunication is an integral part of life. Communicating information, ideas, thoughts,emotions are a part of life that is important because it helps an individual to lead a life that isfulfilling. Another significant part of a person’s life is family. Family does not have to benecessarily be parents or related by blood; the people who are close to an individual can also beassociated with family. In this short story the author tries to bind the two topics together on thesame line. She tries to state the significance of conversation with the family and how it affectsthe life of an individual. The author did not have a very healthy relationship with her family andparents, she was always aloof and felt distant form them and hence after growing up she had decided tomove to England. It was not until that her father was admitted to the hospital did she actually have aproper conversation with her parents.Telephonic conversations can be a little tricky as the communication is not happening face to faceit is a little difficult to understand what a person is trying to say or trying to hide in the expressions (Pung,2008). Oanh started talking with her father over the phone regularly after he was admitted to the hospital.He spoke about his childhood days and she enjoyed them thoroughly. Though the first conversation wasdrab stretched and boring as the she had not spoken with her parents for a really long time. The next onewas with her niece and that broke the ice in between the family and her. Hence the calls continued, butthen by the end of the story Oanh could not express her feeling and love for her parents because she stillfeels the hesitation which will not b solved by just telephonic conversations (Pung, 2008). Anzac Day by James ChongGrowing up in a different country has always been a challenging affair for a child especially forthe ones who come from a different ethnicity. There have been several incidents where people have facedbulling, biased behavior; stereotyping and even judgmental outlooks form various sectors of life. But the

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