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Running head: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE PUBLIC RELATIONArtificial Intelligence Public RelationName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE PUBLIC RELATIONThe essay focuses on the growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its importance inpublic relation.In this study, I analyze howAI has evolved through time and the importance ofthe growth of the technology in the field of society. The society has constantly changed andevolved with time and the growth in technology has given rise to a dilemma of the growth ofArtificial Intelligence. If at all created in a fully functioning android level how they shouldbehave with the human population. What are the opportunities and threats of the AI and howtheir ideal behavior to aid relationship with the society. The identification of self among theartificial intelligence in the society and their adaptation and acceptance is based on the relationthey have with the social population. The interactions of the AI with the society after havegained consciousness and the awareness of “I” is the main issue discussed in this essay.The Artificial Intelligence is the latest technology in the field of computing and theresearch. Artificial Intelligence means stands for the generation of development in the mobilecomputing technology in which the devices would become able to perform task and makedecisions, which would usually require human intelligence (Nilsson 2014). In the movie Bladerunner, there is a use of android made of human tissues and who can develop emotions, the onlydrawback being they died very fast. When the AI starts developing consciousness and emotionsalong with self-awareness there is a birth of the feeling of self-preservation (Omohundro 2014).Adapting to the society the AI absorbs and develops emotions and responses as well. Theresponse arising of the emotions is the cause of the public relations with the common population(Bostrom and Yudkowsky 2014.). The Public Relation in general term is the ethics ofinteracting with people and society. The AI initially is made as the slave of the human kind toperform assigned tasks. When they are evolved and intelligent enough they will retaliate in self-preservation and aging any forced actions as shown in the movie Blade Runner. The major moral
2ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE PUBLIC RELATIONdilemma will arise because according to us, the machines are made to serve the humans and wealways see them beneath us, as things who obey us. After the evolution of AI to developconsciousness, the AI will no longer be the subdued, as it too will have emotions and emotionalresponses (Russell, Dewey and Tegmark 2015). The responses from the AI will not be the sameevery time but according to the mood of the AI, the AI will have emotions logical reasoning andmost probably a personal sense of morals of doing tasks.I think thiswill cause a difference inthe opinions of humans who consider themselves as the masters and the AI who will considerthemselves as equals. Moreover, the AI will have developed adaptive knowledge system, whichthe human kind lacks, which means they will learn and adapt to situations quicker than humansadapt adapt. This will also create an intelligence divide among humankind and the AI.I thinkthat the ability of the AI to develop cognitive ability and reaction will aid their adaptation in thehuman population.On the contrary, we see the dilemma in a first generation AI and latergeneration AIs in the movie Terminator where the first generation cyborgs follow instructionsand on the other hand, the later generations have a habit of self-preservation thus trying toeliminate the only threat they have in the form of John Connor. The dilemma is not in theprogramming but the cognitive development of the entities. The Cyborg may be human in formbut is completely mechanizes to perform function which it is ordered to do, on the contrary theAI will reason with the utility of the functions that is being told. The AI as we see in the movieBlade Runner act against their code to preserve themselves from decadence.Minority Report on the other hand has a different concept of the usage of AI in the formof Precog Mechanisms, they are a group of people who see things that are going to happenbefore hand and stop murders from happening. The issue arises when one of the precogs hasdreams of the alternate reality and they do not tell it so that their credibility is not hampered. This
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