GSM/GPRS Based Vehicle Tracking System

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CE 3.1 Project InformationName of the project:GSM/GPRS Based Vehicle Tracking System and SpeedDetection as well as Toll CollectionLocation of the project:Please fillProject Duration:Please fillOrganization:Please fillRole and Designation during the time:Team Member of the projectCE 3.2 Project BackgroundCE 3.2.1 Characteristics of the projectThis project of GSM/GPRS Based Vehicle Tracking System and Speed Detection aswell as Toll Collection was the second mini project in my engineering career. The projectprovided the most important and significant advancement in the wireless communicationfield. The vehicle tracking is one of the most vital requirements in transportation business. Ifthe vehicles will be tracked properly, several accidents could be easily avoided. Moreover,the speed of the vehicles can be checked in the process with the help of a microcontroller.Our system having capacity to reduce traffic at toll collection and increase efficiency ofpolice to capture the any driver that increases is speed of vehicle comparing with therestricted speed.CE 3.2.2 Objectives developed for the project
The project of GSM/GPRS Based Vehicle Tracking System and Speed Detection aswell as Toll Collection comprises of two significant objectives. These objectives are asfollows:To design vehicle tracking system on the basis of GSM/ GPRS.To detect the speed of the cars.To reduce thetraffic at toll collection.CE 3.2.3 My area of workDuring this project of GSM/GPRS Based Vehicle Tracking System and SpeedDetection as well as Toll Collection, I was well experienced since I had already worked intwo other projects and I utilized my previous experience. My major area of work was to makethe design of the vehicle tracking system. The designing was done on the basis of GSM orGPRS. My next area of work was to document the project report properly.CE 3.2.4 Project GroupHead ofDepartmentProjectLeaderTeamMemberTeamMemberTeamMemberME
Figure 1: People involved in the projectCE 3.2.5 My responsibilities throughout the projectI was involved in this particular project during the entire period and thus wassuccessful in executing all the duties or responsibilities that were given to me. My firstresponsibility in the project was to make the design of the vehicle tracking system. I facedfew difficulties in the starting of the project; however, at the end I was successful inmitigating all of them. My next important responsibility in this particular project was todocument the project report perfectly and without any flaws. I even arranged for weeklymeetings, so that we can check for the project follow ups. This helped us in mitigating theproject issues effectively and the project was completed on time.CE 3.3 Distinctive ActivityCE 3.3.1 Engineering knowledge and skills applied in the projectThe major skills and knowledge that I have utilized for the success of the project wasknowledge of telecommunications engineering. I knew that if I will apply my skills andknowledge in the project properly, it is evident that the project will be a huge success. I am ahardworking person and have excellent problem solving skills. Since I was a quick learner, Iutilized my experience in this particular project. I had also used my computer proficiency inthe project, which included MS Office, MS Project and many more. Analytical power wasalso used here.CE 3.3.3 Comprehending the Theory of ProjectThe excess growth and advancement of the intelligent transportation system providesnew opportunity within the area that is utilized for the benefits of the society. The vehicletracking system is helpful for the enhancement of the driver security and also the proper
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