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Theories and Issues Central to Human-Computer Interaction

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Guidelines for Project:In lecture and in the course readings, you are learning about the theories and issues that are central to Human-Computer Interaction. Through this Project and related work in sections, you will have the opportunity to put these ideas into practice. Using the requirements in this document, set up a table of contents that can be used as a guide for the project. Of course, there probably will be some changes, but at least you will have a starting outline.The goal of this project is to design and test a working mock-up of an interactive system that solves a problem of significance to a group of users. Therefore, your team will create a working prototype, informed by the design methods discussed in class!Here are some guidelines to help you develop your project proposal. Your project must have a substantial user interface. An information providing systemthat simply administers a questionnaire is not enough. The user interface must be interactive. A patient education system that simply displays a page of text or sequences through a series of pages would not be acceptable.The goal of the project is to create a working prototype, informed by the design methods discussed in class, of a system related to the project theme: TransportationThe project will be done in teams. You can implement your interface in any softwareor programming language you like using, any UI toolkit you like (including none), even Power Point, but it must run on garden variety PCsThis project accumulates information as the semester progresses. You cannot finish the whole project in the last week. Your final deliverable builds on the initial deliverables.Project Deliverables and descriptions. All deliverables are to be uploaded to the team file exchange area, include in the file name – the team number and the type of deliverable – for instance – Team1PrelimaryProposal.1. Preliminary Project Proposal – Due September 26th – posted both in the team file section and the discussion board for review by colleagues.Brainstorming and Idea Generation: This idea should be in the form of 1) a problem statement2) a possible solutionYour brainstorming should help guide your team to a good idea that you will use to write up your project proposal.
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Preliminary Project Proposal: This should be a 1-2 page document describing the problem/needyour system will address, the specific tasks users will need to accomplish using your system. You should also describe the target user population. It is important to note that you may need to conduct some user interviews and tests during the course of the project, so make sure you will actually have access to members of this target group (e.g., if your project is meant for doctors to use, make sure you have some connections at the med school, or if your product is aimed at children, make sure you have called some local schools to get permission to interview and work with the kids, etc.).Your project proposal must include the following three areas:The problem statement and the possible solution from your Brainstorming session.User analysis: Identify the characteristics of your user population. If you have multiple user classes, identify each one. Identify all stakeholders in your application.Task analysis: Determine the tasks of the problem you've chosen, analyze their characteristics, and answer the general questions about tasks we asked in lecture. Think about other questions you should ask that might be relevant to your particulardomain. You should find and analyze at least 6 tasks. If you can't find that many tasks in your problem, try drilling down to more specific tasks, and consider exceptional and emergency tasks. 2. Background Information – Due October 3rd – 10 points – post in team file sectionDescription: Complete this assignment after you have brainstormed with your group and you have decided on a preliminary project proposal. This document will be more in-depth – build on the problem statement.Research current technological solutions to the problem your project seeks to address (use the library, Google, etc). If the item is readily available (a common device, software with free demosto download, etc), try using it yourself. If you can't use it yourself, the next best thing is to interview one or more people who do use that technology. If that is also not possible, try to findonline newsgroups or reviews (include references for any interviews, newsgroups, or product reviews).Based on this information, write a critique of the existing solution, focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of the interaction design.Briefly describe the problem as viewed by the creators of the technology, and the solution they provide. Reflect on how you can apply the lessons learned from this system to the one you will be designing for your project.
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Your final critique should be about 2 pages long.Target Population:You are expected to interview at least 3 - 4 members (or one for each team member – therefore, each team member should report on their interview) of your target user population to ascertain their current needs within your problem domain and to learn about their suggestions for how your system could be designed to assist them. This deliverable is a 1 - 2 page summary of your findings. Include, in an appendix, the questionnaire and process you followed when conducting the interviews and identify tasks and themes that potential users shared in their work practices.Total deliverable: Documentation from proposalReview of existing solutions (if any) and how yours is different. If none exist, explain the need for your solution.Summary of the interviews (what you discovered from them) oInclude the actual interview transcripts and questionnaire in an appendix – keep the main document ‘clean.’3. Paper Prototype – will set up a meeting with each team Evaluation of Paper Prototype and Paper Testing –Before you test your paper prototype:Build your prototype. Draw the static background, menus, dialog boxes, and other windows. Decide how to implement the dynamic parts of your interface. Hand-sketchingis preferred. Prepare a briefing for test users. This should be at most a page of information about the purpose of your application and any background information about the domain that may be needed by your test users to understand it. These are your notes for the briefing, so make them short, simple and clear, not dense wordy paragraphs. This is not a manual or quick-reference card. It should not describe how to use the interface. You will read this to your test users. Write your 3 scenario tasks on separate index cards. Just write the concrete goal of the task (e.g. "buy milk, tomatoes, and bread"). Don't write the specific steps to follow, since that's for your users to figure out. The tasks should be brief, roughly 5 minutes to run. You will also read these to your test users. (more below).
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