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GUIDELINES:. Turn in a report with the results of their

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GUIDELINES:1.Turn in a report with the results of their design and simulation of the circuits. The report should contain: A brief description of the project with circuit layout (schematics), the waveform resulting from the time simulation, and your analysis, including expressions, Karnaugh maps, comments and conclusions. Functional time simulation. Discussion in how you would implement the circuit in real life and under which considerations. 2.To download the Altera Quartus® II CAD system follow the directions given in the document Quartusinst.doc. You need to use your Daytona state College e-mail and create your Altera account. Just follow the instructions on how to get the license file and installation instructions. If you don’t want to download the software, I can use a line drawingof the block diagram and put into Altera Quartus myself.3. Once Altera Quartus® II CAD system is installed watch the videos on QUARTUS II and follow the tutorial Quartus II Introduction Using Schematic Designs. It will guide you on how to do the first part of the project and gain knowledge on how to use Quartus II. You will include snapshots of the resulting circuit and waveform obtained by you.

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