Gulf Integration Industry Consulting: Project

Added on - 15 Mar 2020

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Gulf Integration Industry Consulting Project(Author’s name)(Institutional Affiliation)1
OverviewFounded in the year 2012 by one of the most prominent Saudi Business Groups, Gulfintegration is a multinational business heavily invested in the Gulf regions energy sector( 2017). The company is headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with 6 keybranches in different parts of the Kingdom ( 2017). The organizationoperates under a diversified business model with 6 independent business units that areseamlessly integrated together to ensure that the company is able to achieve its objective ofobtaining unrivalled success in its areas of operations ( 2017). The 6 keybusiness units under the company’s umbrella are power and energy, sports accessories, Telecomand IT services, Management Consulting, Electro mechanical solution, Management consultingand Pharmaceutical. This paper seeks to provide a pictured organizational chart describing GulfIntegration modus operandi, the industry context under which it operates and the company’snature. The paper will also highlight the connection between the author and the company.Industry Context in which Gulf Integration OperatesUnlike most companies in the Saudi Kingdom which focus primarily on the constructionand energy sectors, Gulf Integration has effectively diversified its product portfolio. Due to itsdiversification, the company operates in 6 different industries representing its key business units.The company has significant interest in the Oil and Gas sector where it is investing in theproduction of alternative forms of energy.The company also has interest in the Telecommunications and IT industry where it dealsin the design, sales, implementation and maintenance of data and communication solutions.Another industry in which the business operates in is the sporting industry where through itprovides quality solutions for sporting fields. Other industries where the company has interests in2
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