Difference between Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Added on - 15 Mar 2021

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Gurpreet Singh Gill.A00105702Information SystemSCM10Case study (10%)Submitted to professor: Dr.Diljeet Kaur
1.What is the main difference between supply chain management(SCM) and logistics?a.Logistics focuses on two main constituents: transportation andwarehousingb.SCM's main focus is the delivery of a final product while logisticsfocuses more on the bigger picturec.Logistics covers a number of processes in the supply chain whileSCM just focuses on moving productsd.None of the aboveAnswer1:(A)Logistics focuses on two main constituents:transportation and warehousing2.How are businesses hoping blockchain will help SCM?a.Increase transparency and visibilityb.Secure exchange of datac.Manage smart contractsd.All of the aboveAnswer2(D)All of the above3.True or false: SCM covers the planning and execution ofprocesses required to execute a product's flow, from acquiringgoods and materials through production and distribution to thefinal customer, in the most efficient way possible?a.Trueb.FalseAnswer3:(A) TRUE
4.Which of the following processes are used by manufacturers tomeet compliance demands?a.Sustainable procurementb.Supply chain visibility (SCV)c.Supply chain planningd.Risk managementAnswer4:(B)Supply chain visibility (SCV)5.Which of the following isnota component of supply chainplanning?a.Consumer forecastingb.Supply collaborationc.Supply chain securityd.Demand planAnswer5:(C) Supply chain security6.Which of the following processes is most crucial in a case likethe 2018 contamination outbreak that was linked to romainelettuce?a.Supply chain execution (SCE)b.Supply chain traceabilityc.Supply chain visibility (SCV)d.Supply chain sustainability (SCS)Answer6:(B) Supply chain traceability
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