SWOT Analysis of Ford Motors : Assignment

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h1: SWOT analysis of Ford MotorsThe business environment is very competitive. It has become very hard to survive in the businessenvironment due to high-level of competition. Therefore, it is essential for the organizations toanalyze their business environment along with their strengths and weaknesses so that they candevelop strategies to maximize their strengths and improve the weaknessess. There are severaltools or framework with the help of which the organization can analyze their strengths andweaknesses. SWOT analysis is one of the important tools which significantly help theorganization to measure the strengths and weaknesses. So, this article is focused on studyingSWOT analysis in regard to Ford Motors which is an American which offers motor vehicles toits potential customers. The purpose of this paper is to study and analyze SWOT analysis. Beforelooking into the strengths and weaknesses of the selected organization, I am going to present abrief discription of the SWOT analysis.SWOT analysis is a very important tool which helps the organization to analyze internal as wellas external environment of the business at the same time. SWOT stands for strengths,weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The internal environment of the organization includesstrangths as well as weaknesses whereas the external environment of the organization includesopportunities and threats. Thus, with the help of SWOT analysis, an organization can easilyanalyze both its internal as well as external environment. It is also important to note that SWOTis also called TOWS analysis. So, the students should not be confused in SWOT and TOWS. Italso helps the organization to develop strategies to improve the performance and productivity ofthe organization.h2: Strengths of Ford Motors
Ford Motors is one of the well-known automobile brand in the world. It is the fifth largestproducer of the vehicle in the world. The organization is focused and determined to maintain itsposition and improve gradually to become the global leader in automobile industry. The aim ofFord Motors is to be the global leader in the automobile sector and hence in order to achieve theaim the organization is focused on strategic formulation. The following are the major strengthsof Ford Motors;h3: Strong brand imageThe brand image of the Ford Motors is very strong. The people from all around the world arewell-aware of the brand name of the organization. Due to the strong brand image in the world,the organization has gained loyal customers. The brand image of the organization is not strong inthe USA only but also all over the globe. The strong brand image of the company helps inincreasing the attractiveness of its products as well as loyalty of the customer.h3: Global supply chainFord Motors Company has global supply chain which enhances the ability of the organization toprocure raw material and deliver finished product to the end-users. The supply chain of theorganization is very effective which significantly support the operational activities of theorganization. Smooth operational activities of the organization improve the performance as wellas productivity.h3: Innovation processInnovation process is also one of the key strengths of Ford Motors. Innovation process providescompetitive advantages to the organization. Thus, with the help of innovation process Ford
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