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Hamlet Act II Questions and Answers

Added on - 28 May 2020

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Hamlet Act II Questions SceneStudent Name:Student ID:Unit Name:Unit ID:Date Due:Professor Name:Page |1
Scene 11 1. Polonious asks Reynaldo to spy on his son’s activities while in Paris. What particulardevious method of spying does Polonious ask Reynaldo to employ? (69-73)Polonius asks his servant Reynaldo to spy on Laertes while in Paris. He puts his servant to find aDanes in Paris and then to report regarding his son’s whereabouts.While spying on his son’sactivity he instructs his servant to make use of lies for entrapping Laertes(Kinney). WhilePolonius appears to be a caring father, but he makes use of deceptive methods also accuses hisown son falsely. Polonius refers his son’s behaviours as being party type, therefore Reynaldoneeded to ask Danish people in Paris in a vague manner by making use evil lies, as if he was notinterested regarding their money, friends, behaviour of Laertes. Such vagueness will help avoidattention of anyone towards his specific interests.2. Sum up how Hamlet has appeared in his guise of madness to Ophelia. (75)Hamlet in order to confuse Ophelia appeared in a guise of madness. Hamlet appears in a hat,dirty socks, pale as a ghost, unbuttoned jacket without any words. He made use of weird bodylanguage that scared her and not understand reason for such behaviour.3. Why does Polonius think Hamlet is acting strangely?Hamlet makes use of various tactics and mad attire in front of Ophelia, he also acts in a crazymanner. Polonius thinks that Hamlet is acting I n a mad manner as he is crazy in love forOphelia. He is depressed being ignored by Ophelia hence in order to gain her attention he ismaking such behaviour. As Ophelia is not returning his love he is losing his mind hence thestrange behaviour.Page |2
4. Why does Polonius think the King must be apprised of this matter? (75-77)Fortinbras is attracting to threaten Denmark. There is a national crisis if such war breaks out, asno one will want the ruler to act as a crazy, hence he wants to appraise the matter.People will bethreatened if in such situation of a crisis, their own ruler is able to unable to tackle situation.Scene 21.What request do Cladius and Gertrude make of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern?Why ask them in particular? (78-81)Hamlet was acting strangely in front of Ophelia and as Denmark was on the verge ofbeing attacked, everyone was curious (Greenblatt). Cladius and Gertrude requestedRosencrantz and Guildenstern to ascertain if anything was wrong with Hamlet inparticular.2.How, according to the ambassadors, was young Norway (Prince Fortinbras) able togather armies under his uncle’s nose (King Norway) without his knowing it? Nowthat the King was made aware of the attack, what became of it? (83)As per the ambassadors, the young Norway (Prince Fortinbras) able to gather armiesunder his uncle’s nose (King Norway) without his knowing it with the soldiers andmoney he has. The King Norway gave him threescore thousand crowns as an annual feewith his commission for employment of the soldier. As the King was ailing, the Princecould easily gather army without slightest of his knowledge. for attacking Denmark.Page |3
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