Hercules and Alcestis Assignment

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Han XiaoDNC 101Due: 0702/2019Paul TaylorIn the year 1930, 29th July, Paul Taylor was born in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania, in theUnited States. He was an American choreographer and modern dancer who was veryfamous for his innovations, derisive, and in a very mocking manner which hechoreographed in his own dance company. In the year1947, he took admission toSyracuse University in the on the grounds of scholarships on painting and swimming.From the year 1951, he started to take interest in dancing and which is why he studieddancing with Doris Humphrey, José Limón Martha Graham, and ballet with MargaretCraske and Antony Tudor. In the year 1953, he started his professional career under thecompany of Martha Graham which is to play a very important role such as Aegisthus inClytemnestra (1958), Hercules in Alcestis (1960), and Theseus in Phaedra (1962). He hasalso served various other dancers like Merce Cunnigham and Charles Weidman. GeorgeBalanchine also created a solo dance performance for Taylor in the Episodes (1959),
which is the work that has been choreographed by Graham and Balanchine and the musicdesign is given by Anton Webern (Encyclopedia Britannica 2019). There are severalforms and styles in the dance as performed by Taylor which he described as flat meaningwhere there are two-dimensional appearances, lyric in long arms and the formation of thedance movements those are based on the scribbling of dance that thrives on the actionswhich is based on the line or shape. In the year 1957, Duet is his first work, where hewith his partner stood stable for more than three minutes to Orbs (1966), which is anhour-long musical composition to the last strings of Beethoven. In the year 1954, heestablished his own company known as the Paul Taylor Dance Company, where there areonly 13 dance members where the first performance took place in Europe in the year1960, and then in the year 1965, this group made a tour in South America under thegrants provided by the International Cultural Exchange Program of the United States,Department of States, and in the year 1978, this group toured in USSR and made its firstappearance on the citizen television network in United States of America (EncyclopediaBritannica 2019). Spoleto Festival is also welcomed with the choreography by PaulTaylor and the Two Worlds and received various grand awards. His decision to end hiscareer is in the year 1970. In the year 1962, he formed one of the most important dancepieces known as Aureole and that was his grand success. After that, he started blendingthe modern dance movements with the musical score of contemporary background thathad been composed two hundred years ago (Thefamouspeople.com 2019). This form ofdancing style became famous and came into the limelight where several producers of
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