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Weekly Portfolio 1WEEKLY PORTFOLIOStudent’s Name:Course:Instructor’s Name:Institution:Date:
Weekly Portfolio 2Weekly PortfolioDescription of topics including reading samplesLearning outcomes of the courseLearning from your experience, this and prior unit reading, assignmentsSupporting documentation including your prior learningWeek 9: Propose appropriate PM application systems to support successful project execution in the infrastructure and resource industriesProgram & Portfolio Information SystemsOrganization Behavior: Project Roles, Responsibilities, and AuthorityPeople in Project ManagementProject Management in the Corporate ContextPortfolio ManagementPortfolio Performance Management Nicholas & Steyn (2012) Chapters 16, 17 & 18Kerzner (2013)AS/NZS 15288:2015Propose suitable PM application systems to support successful project execution in the infrastructure and resource industriesThe objective of Week 9’s topic isto identify suitable PM applicationsystems for supporting successfulproject implementation in theinfrastructure as well as resourceindustries. There are various ways ofmanaging participation, teamwork,and conflict as Nicholas and Steyn(2012) discuss in Chapter 15 oftheir book.Students should be able to explainthe difference between the words‘propose’ and ‘identify’. Students should also understand themeaning of the word ‘appropriate’,and describe what appropriatewould be for Deepwater Horizon orBP Texas City, for a CQU groupassignment, or for infrastructureand resources project, program andportfolio management (PPPM)Additionally, the student shouldknow what is needed for executinga projectThe learners also need tounderstand the meaning of a projectbeing international, virtual, ordistributed Moreover, the student shouldunderstand what the adoption ofsystems engineering, portfoliomanagement standard, and programmanagement standard imply andwhether it would make a differenceto what is proposed.The Systems Engineering Body ofSEBoK http://www.sebokwiki.org Nicholas & Steyn (2012) Chapters 16, 17 & 18Kerzner (2013)AS/NZS 15288:2015Various Academic Journal Articles

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