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Harmful Effects of TV Shows on Young Audiences

Added on -2019-09-16

This article discusses the harmful effects of TV shows on young audiences, including excessive graphic images, violence, and sexual content. It also explores how TV shows can hinder a child's learning process and moral and emotional development. The article references Jean Piaget's theory of intellectual development and how TV shows can affect children in the concrete operational and formal operational stages.
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Harmful effects of TV shows on young audiencesOne can see a television in everybody’s home and many of the children in the houses canbe seen mostly in front of them which gives a great topic of debate. Some parents aremuch concerned about their children mindset as they think children are more exposed tosome images on television which are misleading at times for example, excessive graphicimages, and violence shown on TV shows. Such kind of exposure to young children at asmall age can sometimes lead to a negative effect on their minds leaving behind a harshimpression. Today many children starting from age 2 years till eighteen spend most oftheir time watching TV shows which is very more than spending time on some otheractivity. The incidences which can put adverse effect on young children minds are like seeing halfnaked women, flow of blood coming out from a dead body which is too scary, and manyother kissing scenes shown in TV shows nowadays. At my homes young children are notsupervised by their parents while watching television which is quite harmful for childrenat that age. Basically children learn through the five sense organs and this hindrance oftelevision negative effects can be critical to their learning process. Since when a childwatches television he is in immobile state and only two senses that are seeing and hearingare working and no other are in active state. Also the representation of sex on televisionhas drastically increased from last decades which is further influencing the attributes ofyoung children. This activity of sex has been increasingly being used by children atearlier age as a fun activity. Jean Piaget who was born in Switzerland in 1896 presented four stages in his theory ofintellectual development of a child. The four distinct stages are like:The sensorimotor stage from birth to age 2The preoperational stage from age 2 to about age 7The concrete operational stage from age 7 to age 11The formal operational stage which begins in adolescence and spans intoadulthood.The main stage of his theory which is most influenced by the harmful effects of televisionshows are the stages of concrete operational and formal operational where children aresuch an age where the chances of having adverse effect of television shows on theirminds is the most. Since at these stages children start to think more logically and someTV shows can put hindrance to their abstract and hypothetical concept of thinking.The stages which is less effected is the sensorimotor stage from birth to age 2 since at thisstage kids are too small to understand the concepts shown on television. They generallymanipulate the objects through their sensory experiences.The moral and emotional development of a young child is also influenced by the TVshows since the flow of more violence shown on TV shows suspends their sense ofreality which in turn affects moral judgment made by them later. They are not able tounderstand the results of real life violence like jail, death and injury.

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