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ITPM 540: Enterprise Architecture & Integration Homework and Quiz

Added on -2019-09-22

This homework and quiz is to make sure that you are ready for ITPM 540 course. It covers enterprise architecture, integration issues, web technologies, XML, and computer-aided planning and integration.
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Harrisburg University ITPM 540: Enterprise Architecture & IntegrationHomework and Quiz (50 Points): Readiness Test Important Note: This is NOT a group project. Any evidence of collaboration will result in an automatic grade of 0. OVERVIEW AND EXPLANATION: The purpose of this homework and quiz is to makethat you are ready for this course. Specifically, it will make sure that: You have purchased and reviewed the Coursepack – it will give you the textbookplus 4 month access to the SPACE tool that you will use heavily in this course You are fully aware of the HU Policy on Plagiarism (it will be enforced strictly) You have the technical background in Web Technologies and XML (the Homework will refresh your knowledge in these technologies) You have a Plan for Graduation, i.e., you know what courses will you take when Completion of HW1 Assignment involves the following steps:Post your HW1 Report to theDiscussion Forumon Date Specified. This is worth small percentage (less than 20%) Review the posted HW1 Reports and make substantive comments on about 2 Reports (e.g., briefly compare how these reports differ from yours). This will earn you some extra points. The purpose is to learn from your colleaguesAppear in a Quiz that is based on HWK1. The quiz is worth almost 80% points. You will fail the Quiz if you have not done the HW1 . Problem 0: General Readiness Checklist Please check the following before proceeding: ISEM docs reviewed (available on MyHU) Plagiarism material reviewedIntroduction to yourself posted Coursepack purchased
Your course plan prepared (based on ISEM Course Planning document available on MyHU) Please show your course plan belowProblem 1: A Simple Integration Problem Suppose you own a small business that supplies office equipment (e.g., printers, computers, desks, chairs, etc) to a large retailer such as Staples. By using the Frank Furniture Store example in chapter 1, develop a sketch of integrated architecture for your company. Specifically, answer the following questions.What will be the enterprise architecture of your business. Just show a diagram. What will be the integration issues (list 3 to 4) that your company has to deal withWhat role will the basic web technologies (e.g., web browser, web server, web gateway, HTML, and HTTP) play in this case. Illustrate through an example. Show a simple example of a purchase order (as an XML document) sent from the buyer (Staples) to the seller and the shipping statement, also in XML. The XML documents can be very simple (around 5 elements). Show, through a diagram, the role an ESB will play in this case. Suggestion: Please review Chapter1 and the Chapter1 slides before attempting this problem. Problem 2: Web and XML Review By surfing the Web, find 10 different variants of XML (e.g., VoiceXML). Foreach, give a one-line description of where it is being used. Develop XML representation of who you are, what is your CPT assignment (oneline), your academic background, what courses you have taken at HU so far, yourfavorite city, and your hobbies, etc. This document should have about 10 elementsand not more than 30 statements. Create a DTD for this XML document (define some optional and requiredfeatures) and validate the XML document through this DTD. Please note that wewill validate your XML and DTD files.Suggestion: This problem requires a basic understanding of Web Technologies and XML(the material commonly covered in ISEM501). To brush-up your knowledge of Web and XML, please do the following: Review the voice annotated slides on Web-XML, 1 hour, URL = the for short tutorials on web and XML technologiesReview Chapter 6 of the text on Web Technologies and XML Problem3: Learning about Computer Aided Planning and Integration a)Go to the Space Site ( and then goto Planner section.

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