Hazard Risk Control Measures : Assignment

Added on - Mar 2020

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SINGAPORE POLYTECHNICSCHOOL OF MECHANICAL & AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERINGRISK ASSESSMENT (RA) FORM for ME8002HAZARD IDENTIFICATIONRISK CONTROLNoActivityHazardsRisksRisk ControlMeasuresSeverityLikelihoodRPNAdditionalRisk ControlMeasuresActionOfficer,Designation(Follow-update)Ex.TypicalworkplaceSmoking neardrums containingflammableliquidsCatching fire andexplosionStore flammableliquids in adesignated place.4416Apply Safe WorkProcedureSupervisorUsing the wrongposture whenworking at astationPhysical injury to thenecks, back, shoulders,arms and wrists due tothe use of wrongposture andpositioning whilehandling machinery.Give instructions andguidance onposturing andpositions when usingmachineryEnsuring the liftingequipment used isfunctioningappropriatelyGiving training andfull instructions tothose who areexpected to use thefacilities and themachinery428Apply guidelineson ergonomic useof machinery andtoolsSupervisorMAE Risk Assessment Form for ME8002Release 1.0
Electrical faultsElectrical fault basedfires,Electrical shocksInjuries on theoperator from tripping,fires, or shocksConduct inspectionson wiringconnections andtesting of machinerybefore operationEnsuring all theelectrical equipmentin the facilities areoperated followingthe instructions of themanufacturers. Theseinstructions should beread and understoodbefore the machineryis operatedGetting rid of faultyelectrical equipmentand managing cablesappropriately428Apply Safe WorkProcedureSupervisorPoorManagingElectricalEquipment andCablesTrippingFallingAnd ImpactHandling the cablesof electricalequipmentappropriatelyInspecting cables fortimely corrections,fixing and repairs326Apply InspectionProcedureTechnicianMAE Risk Assessment Form for ME8002Release 1.0
The use ofadvancedmechanicalmachinery likethe guillotineand the lathemachinesHot moving partsSharp edges frommachines andmachined materialsInjuries and cutsEnsure the use ofcovers to preventcontact with themoving parts ofmachineryEnsuring thematerials beingpassed through thematerial are tightlysecured and allowedby the operatingmaterial of themachineEnsure the use ofPPE and that looseclothing andjewellery.Long hair must betied back before anymachinery isoperated to avoidentanglement andinjuriesOffering training andinstructions on theoperation of themachineryEnsuring all theelectrical equipmentis operated followingthe instructions of themanufacturers. Theseinstructions should beread and understoodbefore the machinery4416Apply Safe WorkProcedureSupervisorMAE Risk Assessment Form for ME8002Release 1.0
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