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HB401Business and the Business Environment Tutor: Joni LEEStudent: Wang Pui HAUStart Date:10 March 20201
Submission Date:24 April 2020ContentsPageI.Introduction 31.Size, Scope, Nature, Objectives,Advantages and Disadvantages ofdifferent sector: Private, Public and Voluntary Sectors 3II.Public Limited Company- Apple Inc. 61.Organizational structure of Apple 72.Apple Inc.-the myth of electronics 83.Matrix structure of Apple Inc9III.SWOT analysis of Apple 10IV.PESTLE analysis of Apple13V.Conclusion16References2
I.Introductions1. Size, Scope, Nature, Objectives,Advantages and Disadvantages of different sector: Private, Public and Voluntary SectorsPrivate SectorPrivate sector is part of economy, owned and controlled by private individuals. Theprivate sector has a goal of making profit and employs more workers than the publicsector. In mostfree economies,the private sector makes up a big portion of theeconomy, as opposed to nations that have more state control over their economies,which have a larger public sector. For example, Korea has a strong private sectorbecause it has a free economy, while North Korea, where the state controls many ofits corporations, has a larger public sector. (North Korea is an isolated, tightlycontrolled and dictatorialcommand economy. The country’s economic system isplanned centrally and coordinated by the government.)The main goal pursued by the private sector is to maximize profits. They will achievetheir goals by choosing the right organizational structure. At the same time, everyfinancial data must be clearly recorded. If the data is not satisfactory, there is a chanceof causing losses or even failure.we can see there is many types of private sectors, both of them have their ownadvantages and disadvantages.Sole Trader3
Sole Trader is individual small establishment with one owner and the owner acceptsfull responsibility for the liabilities of the business. Advantages of sole trader is easyto set up-no legal formalities and owner has complete control and keeps all profits.Sole Trader has a big disadvantage is “it has unlimited liability.” all of the owner’s anasset are potentially at risk while faces intense competition from bigger firms, forexample, clothing retail.For example, I am the boss of a sole proprietorship company. When the economicenvironment is good, I can get all the profits alone. However, when the economicenvironment is bad, I have to bear all the risks alone. The risk is not just profiting thedecrease is more likely to be debt.PartnershipPartnership is a group with usually 2-20 persons. In some partnerships, there can bemore than 20 partners. E.g. lawyer, doctors. In the partnership, partner may specializein different areas of business management and they can share idea while makingdecision.But, same as private sector, partnership has unlimited liability for all partners. Also,partnership share profits with partners.YIP, TSE & TANG, Solicitors was founded in 1994 and has a team of 30 lawyers toprovide clients with comprehensive legal services. It is now the top 5% law firm inthe Hong Kong legal profession. In this law firm, each lawyer has his own area of expertise. They achieved a division of labor. When they encounter difficulties, theywill share their views together. When the business is good, everyone will shareprofits. When the business is not good, they will share the risk together.Private Limited CompanyPrivate Limited Companies owned by shareholders and is run by a director or Boardof Directors. The shares can’t be sold to the public. For example, Dragages. Dragagesis a well-known private company in the construction industry. Shares can only betransferred privately and all shareholders must agree to the transfer. The advantageis shareholders have limited liability and more capital can be raised as there are nolimits on the number of shareholders.Profits will be shared among more members. This is the biggest disadvantage. This4

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