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Running Head: HEALTH1Health Care Economics
HEALTH2IntroductionThe telemedicine and telehealth are two key advancements in the healthcare industry. Use of thetelemedicine and telehealth makes the healthcare services more accessible to the consumers.With higher accessibility of these services, achieving better health outcomes becomes easier forthe consumers. However, availability of the latest advancements of the healthcare programsdepend on the infrastructure available in a state. Due to lack of infrastructure, the gaps may arisein the delivery of healthcare services. The current report deals with analysis of the gaps intelemedicine and telehealth service delivery in Maryland. The report includes discussion on theareas that need to be improved for enhancing the accessibility of the telehealth services inMaryland.GapsThe presence of state-wide network is necessary to improve the availability of the healthcareservices to all the beneficiaries (Chaet et al., 2017). The telehealth is extensively dependent onthe network for service delivery. When the network is not available, the telehealth servicescannot be offered to the recipients. Analysis on the available infrastructure of Maryland indicatesthat the network for offering the telehealth services to all parts across the state is not available.As an effect, the people from all places of the state are not receiving the services. In order toensure the optimum benefit from the telehealth services, it is necessary to make it available to thehighest number of people. In the case of Maryland, availability of the services is being restricteddue to lack of the infrastructure. It is limiting the benefits obtained from the services.
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