Health and Safety in Pharmaceutical Industry

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Running head: HEALTH AND SAFETY IN PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRYHealth and safety in pharmaceutical industryName of the student:Name if the university:Author note:
1HEALTH AND SAFETY IN PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRYTable of ContentsIntroduction:2Brief review of the organization selected:3Potential hazards in departments and the safety measures appointed:4Health and safety measures by the company:5Hazard safety protocols legislations:6Difference with a chemical industry:7Conclusion:8References:10
2HEALTH AND SAFETY IN PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRYIntroduction:Health care has had a revolutionary change in the global market and each and every sector ofhealth care industry is now advancing at an appreciable rate all over the world. The fast pacedprogress in the health care industry have been aided by the progressive technological revolutionin the infrastructure of the health care industries. However, alongside of the boost provided bythe technological innovation, the progress of the pharmaceutical industry cannot be ignoredeither. It can be stated that the health care sector of UK has enhanced considerably in the pastfew decades and the growing pharmaceutical industry has been an important contributor of thesuccess that the health care industry has attained in this demographic. On a more elaborativenote, more than 65000 people in the United Kingdom are now employed in the pharmaceuticalindustry; and along with that a whooping £2.6 billion revenue to the GDP of United Kingdom ata stretch. However, despite the increasing demand of this highly profitable industry, the risksassociated has to be mentioned in this account as well (Pangestuti and Kim 2011).A pharmaceutical industry deals with many hazardous chemical and active ingredients on adaily level and many of them are raw agents with no specialized understanding of the actualtoxicity levels. There are many divisions within an operational pharmaceutical industry andmostly the sectors like research and development, manufacturing and the storage departments arethe sections that deal with many pharmacologically activated agents that can be the cause to mayphysiological and metabolic hazards to human bodies. Although the progress in the medicationindustry is the need of the hour and the discovery of new medication can not be abandoned atany point (Agyei and Danquah 2011). That is the reason there are many health and safetyprotocols legislated by the global and national authorities to avoid the chances of any adverse
3HEALTH AND SAFETY IN PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRYevents. This assignment will attempt to focus on two particular departments, manufacturing andstorage within a pharmaceutical industry to discover the possible hazards and measures taken toavoid them, and will attempt to compare them to legislative protocols within the pharmaceuticalindustry and the practice standards of chemical industries.Brief review of the organization selected:Scientific industries are the need of the hour for the society and in case of the health acreindustry, the health needs of the generation is increasing every day. It has to be understood inthis context that the complexities of the health care concerns are increasing with the deterioratinglife style and hence the health need are demanding better and more functional medication andtreatment options (Deblonde and Hartemann 2013). Hence, the pharmaceutical industries arenow facing optimal demands and in order to address the needs the manufacturing rates and pacehave been doubled in the past couple of days as well. Although on the quest for better and moreefficient targeted medication at a more faster pace, the occupational health and safety standardsand protocols are being neglected every day. According to the authors, the pharmaceuticalindustry is the section of the scientific organization that faces the most pressing market demandsin the present day scenario. In addition along with that, due to the extremely strict drug discoveryand marketing acts, the pressure on the pharmaceutical industries in the present scenario ismaximal (Boxall et al. 2012). It has to be mentioned in this context that in order to fulfil all thelegislations and to meet the market demands, the pharmaceutical companies often resort toneglecting the occupational safety protocols. Hence, for this assignment, the chosen scientificorganization chosen is a pharmaceutical organization that is associated with manufacturing themost of the modified drugs. There were two departments chosen to be reviewed in the program
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