Health and Social Care - Assignment Sample

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Health and social care
1. SocialismSocialism is basically a political term which applied to an economic system in whichmeaning of producing wealth such as factories and offices are owned by the society and people whomanage this type of system is known as socialists (Bonilla-Silva, 2006). In this system theproduction and distribution of products or goods is done and they are owned and shared by themembers or citizens of a society. Socialism is a system of society living in which the property doesnot belong to individual but the ownership, control and responsibilities are equally shared by the allmembers of society (Schein, 2003). As an overall economic system the socialism can be existswithin the countries or factions such as healthcare, education and corporation. But the countriescannot be declared fully as a socialist if they do not declared themselves through their nationalname. In the following examples of socialism which are within the country's healthcare, educationand economic systems.A bakery pays same amount of money to all staff members based on the profitability ofbusiness and the workers are equally involved to make the business decisions.Cuba has declared themselves as a socialist nation and its economic system, education andhealth care factions are completely administered and managed by the government.In simple word, the socialism is when a person have a factory and he share the profit with everyworker who is working with him (Ochs and Schieffelin, 2001). Under socialism, a system whichempowers the people to solve the problems in many multi- dimensional ways, mobilizing theknowledge and people's determination to remake the society.2. Self-help groupSelf-help groups are also known as mutual help groups in which people meet to help andimprove their health with the help of special activities. These type of groups are not let by theprofessionals and expertise. The groups are mainly formed by the people who shares commonmental, emotional and physical problems. They are also interested in few issues such as health care,education and parenting. For this purpose, people pools their resources, gather information and alsooffers the mutual support, care and services for each other. In these groups members share theirissues, stories, feelings, recoveries and past experiences. In that they learn that they are not aloneand lonely in this world and they are not only one who is facing the problems and issues. With thehelp of self-help group, people come together to improve their survival chances by sharing theproblems with each other. The features of these types of groups can be accessibility, anonymity,support, spiritual recovery and introspection (Bonilla-Silva, 2006). People faces some barrierswhich stops them to join the self-help groups, they are described below:
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