Higher Medical Costs in McAllen


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Health care -Coverage v/s Cost
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SummaryHealth care markets in the world are most expensive in McAllen throughout the world. All the medical institutes there have all the advanced updates of technology yet there is no as such evidence to suggest that the treatment they facilitate are better than anywhere else since the annual reports that the hospitals submit with Medicare have shown that McAllen and El Paso have comparable technologies. Nor does the care given in McAllen stand out for its quality. McAllen five largest hospitals performed worse on average than El Paso’s as per Medicare’s reporting.Over the period of time there has been the shift in the fundamentals in the patterns of practicing medicine from a noble profession, now it has turned out to be the business to make profits. However, the biggest problem in McAllen has been the overuse of medical care. This is because of American’s belief that for most of the things more is better- more diagnostic testing, more hospital treatment, more surgery and more home care. But research suggests that more demand for medicine make the case actually worse. Physicians who receive the fee for their services, as well as a part of hospital's profits from the tests and surgeries, get tempted to over-order. Another study by Fisher has shown that patients inhigh-cost areas have fewer chances to receive low-cost preventive services.The costs are high because of careless governance, the accumulative decision of doctors to decide the order for services and treatments. Providing health care require experts, expensive equipment, and materials as well as huge amount of synchronization. According to me, the solution to higher medical cost is that whether its government or private insurer, someone has to take charge for the totality of care for an extensive level coverage.
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