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Health CareEthicsEthical Issues
Ethical IssuesThis paper is being presented in order to highlight the ethical issues in the case study ofAmos who was the student of the high school and use to live in the residential property nearto his school in Malawi. There were many other students who use to live in the boardingprovided by the school. One day school reported to the hospital that students have comeacross with a disease i.e. Cholera Outbreak. Amos was also going through this disease andreached the hospital, however, doctors and nurses denied treating him because they do nothave enough medical supplies to treat everyone. Therefore, they said that they will only treatstudents who live in the school boarding. Due to this Amos went his home to get thetreatment but unfortunately as he was severely dehydrated.The paper will perform the analysis of the ethical issues in relations to the notions of humandignity, human rights, and professional codes of conduct, professional policies, and principlesof health care ethics. Further, recommendations will be made for the professional practice.Ethics is a moral principles system; it is related to identifying what is best for people andcommunity and is also explained as moral philosophy (Barrett, D., Ortmann, Dawson, Saenz,Reis & Bolan, 2016). The ethical issues are said to be a conflict of right or wrong orcondition forcing substitutes on an entity looking for ethical behaviour (Levine, 2017). In thepresented case study where there was a spread of severe disease i.e. Cholera outbreak, therewere some ethical issues such as:Balancing care quality and efficiency- The healthcare system is facing various challengesor issues related to the balancing quality and safety with efficiency (Berglund, 2012). Theabove case presented is also facing this challenges in which they are not able to balance in the
safety and quality provided to the children and due to which Amos who was the student ofhigh school died because of not getting proper treatment of the disease.Improving access to care- The ACA (Affordable Care Act) was frequently left untouchedby the confiscate, the continuing issue of offering everybody with access to basic care interms of medical remains a concern (Neese, 2017). This is one of the key issues in thehealthcare sector as presented in the above case in which everyone was not getting thetreatment.Building and sustaining the healthcare workforce of the future- As the generation of babyboomer remains is increasing there is a need of additional healthcare professionals in order totake care of this generation or population to manage to treat chronic diseases, organize careand offer many other services. However, there are not enough capable, concerned people whonot only take entry as the healthcare personnel but continue to deliver that care. In spite of acurrent influx of younger people into the treatment occupation, for example, many specialistsare predicting a recovery of the nursing scarcity by the end of this decade. In the presentedcase study there was lack of medical supplies and nurses to take care of every student andtherefore they denied treating those students who use to live in the residential property andnot in the school boarding.Allocating limited medications and donor organs- Medication scarcities frequently happenbecause there is not sufficient economic enticement for producers. Therefore, there is lack ofcritical medications accessibility to fulfill the needs of the people in the future (AMNHealthcare, 2013).AnalysisHuman Dignity
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