Health Care Quality Improvement Measurement

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Running Head: Health Care Quality
Health Care Quality Improvement Measurement
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Health Care Quality 1
You have been asked to develop a quality improvement (QI) process for your medical
facility employer. You have previously established the skill sets required for QI team
members. The chief information officer has asked you what areas you will be analyzing and
how you will determine if your project was successful or not. Complete the following:Write
a paper that details the method that you will use to quantitatively and qualitatively
measure your QI process for various QI areas in your healthcare facility.
Quality improvement process involves the working of multiple systems and multiple fields in a
particular domain of practice. The quality improvement team consist of the group of individuals
who are working together for carrying out efforts of improvement. (Renedo ,2015)The QI team
on a regular basis review the performance by the identification of need improvement areas and
monitor the efforts of improvement. In this present paper, we have discussed the skills set and
have to propose the quantitative and qualitative measures in the healthcare facility.
For the quality improvement process, the first thing that needs to be measured is the objective. If
the objective was well identified than it should be considered as the issue of concern for the
quality improvement , by the identification of specified objectives that need to be classified for
the strong QI process. (Huddart ,2015)The other thing to counter check is amid the usage period
if the QI process was carried on the correct way and the general population concerned had a solid
feeling and reaction towards its execution then it fits the quality to be of high caliber and vice
The measures that need to be accessed for comparing the quality improvement of a health care
facility are classified as the structured measure, process measures and outcome measures.

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