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HEALTH ECONOMICS1Defend or Critique the Importance of Considering the Complex Nature of Health and HealthCare when Examining the Economic Principles Related to Health Care DeliveryIntroductionToday, people view health in various distinct ways, mainly when it is very difficult todifferentiate that what is unhealthy and healthy. Most of the people do not rejoice the visit to theclinic, but it is significant for the individual's well-being. Further, healthiness can be defined invarious distinct ways, but it cannot be explained in those various different ways. Being anindividual, I believe that if an individual’s mental, social, spiritual and physical being is notconsistent then it is measured unhealthy. Furthermore, using and examining the economicprinciples will help in understanding the importance and the complicated nature of health careand health to the health care delivery. Moreover, this report will help in understanding theimportant principles of health economics like scarcity, production, resources and the opportunitycost of the health care along with the markets, demand, and supply for the health care. Also, theprinciples of the margin will be discussed in the report in order to defend or criticized theimportance and the complicated nature of the healthcare and the health.Principles of Health EconomicsThe health economics is one of the various disciplines that might be utilized in order to analyzethe various issues of health care and the health. Further, the health economics is one of thevarious topics through which the principles and the methods of the economy can be used(McPake, B., Normand, C., & Smith, S. 2013). Further, the various principles of healtheconomics are being discussed in order to interpret the context of health care and the health and
HEALTH ECONOMICS2further deciding whether to criticize or defend the importance and the complicated nature of thehealth care and the health. Further, it has been observed that the health economics tries to applythe analytical tools and the methods which might be used for any service which the economygenerates.Production, Scarcity, Resources and the Opportunity Cost of Health CareThe production needs the usage of the resources like labor and the raw materials, and further, theproduction process is being used in order to convert the resources to the final services.Furthermore, the inputs of the process of production are the resources like personnel (labor),building and equipment (capital), raw materials and the land. Further, the output of the process ofproduction using the inputs of the health care can be professionals of health care, clinic and thematerials of the therapeutic. The conversion of the inputs into outputs impact the factors ofmediation, for example, the clinic is publicly or the privately owned.It is being observed that there is the scarcity of the resources and the choices should be madecarefully while deciding what goods are going to be produced, how they can be produced andhow the services can be availed by the clients. Further, in the economy, there are not adequateresources for the health care in order to meet the needs and the desires of the health which peoplehave and because of this reason the choice is being made between the needs (Drummond et al.,2015). Moreover, the economists allude that the scarcity and the necessity to select are
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