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Essay on Importance of Health PDF

Added on - 27 Jul 2022


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The varying definitions of health differ from people to people according to their ability of
comprehending the importance of health. The modern concept of health states that the presence
of health is not only proven if there is an absence of disease but the individual should have a
capacity of self-realization and self fulfilment. The human inner forces and presence of feelings
or dissatisfaction should have an equilibrium and a relation with their environment. The field of
social medicine and public health implies that the focus of health should not only be on the
individuals, but it should be measured through the health of the groups and community. This will
increase the interaction between the individuals and the environment of the social strata. The
concept of health through a holistic point of view expresses the aspect of wholeness and it
includes the proper functioning of all the parameters such as mental, physical, social and spiritual
wellbeing (Svalastog et al., 2017).
The definition of health is different for different people because some may have a physical health
but not mental health so they consider themselves healthy because physically they are able to do
all their tasks, but people with proper mental health assume that they are fit because they have a
positive mental conditioning (Gladden, 2014).
Post #1
Health is a subjective idea because many people have a positive view about it but few people
have a negative view. The positivity in health is that how a person has the ability to do
everything and the negative view is that absence of disease is wellbeing.
Post #2
The definition of health varies between different organizations and individuals. The idea of
health differs according to the age and generation as well because people are satisfied with
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