Health Homework Assignment

Added on - 20 Sep 2019

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First Last NameInstructor’s NameLanguageDateHealth Homework AssignmentIn an effort to build the best health plan or policies which could cover health careaspects it is imperative that every areas should be considered well, even the areas thatare needed to be traded off.. Every household in order to gain best of health spent afortune in taking a medical cover, but a large percentage still looks at health insuranceas a tax saving instrument.For e.g. In a country like theUnited States, each type of health insurance be it social,medical or a normal household is borne by the Government.Studying in-depth about the country like India where there are an infant highmortality rates, Life expectancy is low, low education rate etc. we need to have anadequate health policy to cover all the plans. Some of the key policies highlightedIndividual Health Insurance Policy-: It covers all the health aspects of an individual &depending on the premium or amount paid, one holds anadvantage of this benefit.Family Floater Health Insurance Policy-: covering all the member of the family bypaying one time or every month, so that they all avail secured health benefits.Surgery & Critical Illness Insurance Plans-: Accidents, sudden health diseases such ascancer or heart attacks, all can be covered by availing lump sum benefit or payingevery month.Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plans-: Covering a secure health for the 60-65 yearsof an individual age.If we need to devise a suitable health policy then we will go for the Senior CitizenHealth Insurance policy. As chances of falling sick, retard or ill falls maximum withinthis age group. Hence a secured health policy which is bare minimum & covers everyaspect of health should be attained here.Health InsuranceIn a country like India, due to low Human development Index, High Infant MortalityRate, Lifespan of Avg. 55-60 years, high lifestyle diseases, foul air,denselypopulated area with epidemic disease always on rise one do require health insuranceto cover risk & benefit us in recovering from health. Cashless services, pre & posthospital disbursements, full health cover regular checkup etc. all should be securedwith an adequate health insurance. Developing a health policy for the benefit ofSenior citizen will benefit a part of themajor population in the age group of 60-65years.
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