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Health Management Information System

Added on - 17 Apr 2021

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Running head: HEALTH INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEMMobile LearningName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor’s Note
1HEALTH INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM1. BackgroundTitle:Mobile learning lesson plan in HealthcareContent Area:The paper mainly focuses on the health information management system.It is identified that in this paper a mobile learning lesson plan is created for healthcare so that thestudent can easily access the information related to healthcare and can be able to creativelyintegrate the lesson.Target Group:The target group includes the students of the 11thand 12thgrade.Materials needed:The materials that are required for creating a mobile learning lessonapp include the following Oracle 11g Android Studio as well as Cross-platform application andmore.2. Pre-PlanningBig Ideas:In order to create an app for mobile learning lesson plan it is quite importantto follow some of the specific ideas. The steps include setting a goal, sketching ideas, creating awireframe, defining backend of the app, checking model, creating an app, designing look, testingapp, beta testing as well as launch the app. In addition to this, it is identified that the total budgetthat is needed for creating the app is around $20,000 and the entire app will be successfullycreated within 30 days.Essential Questions:The research questions include:Why Mobile learning lesson plan in Healthcare is created?How Mobile lesson plan in healthcare is used by the students?
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