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Health Information Systems
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CPOE is usually an abbreviation of Computer-based Physician Order Entry although health
professionals can be engaged who are not physicians. CPOE is a part of clinical information
systems which enables the care provider of a patient to enter an order for radiology, medical or
laboratory test directly into a computer. There are some assumptions made by University Health
Care System in its implementation that the typical benefits of utilizing a computerized system
will work to their favour. Users of the system create a significant effect to the existence of the
same, and it is imperative to regard old information which is supposed to be fed to the system to
make it efficient while updating the rest of the data.
Health Information Systems
CPOE is a process of electronic entry of medical practitioner directions for the treatment
of patients under his or her care. The discussion is about how the implementation process of
CPOE at University Health Care System might be assessed and the methods to use, how to
respond on the board’s desire on return on investment along with the process to use in
developing a plan which will be used in evaluating the value of CPOE. The implementation of
CPOE is essential as it will result in effective and quality health services to patients.
How might you evaluate the CPOE implementation process at University Health Care
System? Give examples of different methods or strategies you might employ.
CPOE systems permit professionals to electronically enter medication orders together
with admission, procedure and laboratory orders. The process of implementing CPOE in the
University Health Care System is running low, and the EMR project will be incomplete without
the CPOE system (McCoy, Wright, Krousel-Wood, Thomas, McCoy & Sittig, 2015). It is crucial
to ensure the safety of patients by insisting on accuracy together with efficiency (Ferraro &
Panteghini, 2017). A slower phase technique never benefited for the institution, and therefore
there is a need to put some more efforts and pain at this stage and make sure there are safety and
quality. The strategies that could be implemented are the manual cum CPOE, training and
education along with electronic delivery.
In manual cum CPOE, at the first phase, we have to utilize the paper and the CPOE
simultaneously. The individual who is in charge of the system should monitor both the systems
periodically (Chan, Campo, Brulin & Esteve, 2017).Furthermore, the facility can keep the paper
prescription record along with the patient records so that they can observe the manner in which it
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