Health Promotion and Dementia

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Running head: DEMENTIA HEALTH PROMOTION PLANPublic Health Promotion ProjectDue date: Week 8: Monday 23rd April (midnight Darwin time)Student Name:Student Number:
DEMENTIA HEALTH PROMOTION PLAN:2Health promotion plan about dementia for the Australian communityIntroductionDementia refers to the loosing of the intellectual processes essential to the human body(Algaret al.2016). These processes include remembering, reasoning and thinking. It isevident that the people affected with dementia lose their temper very fast. The reason to thatis that they have a problem with the memory (Brooker & Latham, 2015). This healthpromotion aims at teaching people on the occurrence of dementia. In addition to that, thedevelopment will involve several stakeholders in the community in order to see how tomanage and prevent this health problem.Target Group outlineFrom the research and daily records in the hospital, it is evident that dementia mostlyaffects people between 80 to 85 years (Davis, 2016). This health promotion is going to focuson teaching the adult people on how to deal with the problem. On the other hand, the peoplewho are of 90 years and above rarely report this problem. A crucial point to note is thatdementia is not a complication because of getting old but a disease on its own. There aremany people whom one hundred years or more but have not reported the case of dementia.Besides the management, there are different types of dementia as the health records stated,but the effects are the all the dementias affect the thinking capacity of an individual (Dewing& Dijk, 2016). The health promotion of this disorder is going to be imperative. The healthNUR329 S1 2018. Assignment 2.Student Name:Students Number:Page2
DEMENTIA HEALTH PROMOTION PLAN:3promotion also targets the medical practitioners who handle dementia and the familymemberswhere the patient gets homeassistance.Health Promotion (outline why this public health promotion is beneficial for yourtarget group)Every promotion has an impact to the targeted group. There are numerous importancethat health promotion this is going to help the community of Australia. The benefits rangeson the people affected with dementia, nurses offering the diagnosis to the dementia patientsand the family members to the patient (Gitlin et al.2017). For instance, if you evaluate theimportance of the patient, it is essential to direct the patients on how to take the drugsprescribed to them. Many people who have dementia tend to overdose. The reason is thatthey feel the problem will go after the overdose. However, this is ill advised. After this healthpromotion, the patient will learn the importance of taking the drugs as prescribed. Anotherimportant thing is the diet of the patient. It is essential to determine that proper nutrition isinevitable to the patients who have dementia (Graham, 2017). The drinks and food should beas directed by the nurse offering the diagnosis. This health promotion health to educatepeople on the importance of maintaining the balanced diet to the dementia people.On the other hand, communication is an important aspect. In the research, it is notable thatmany people fear dementia same to the affected patients. The patients usually feel isolatedfrom the family to the health diagnosis team. This health promotion outlines that is importantto engage the patients through communication, whether you are a family member or thenurse. Keep socializing with the individuals to do away with the boredom that comes becauseof the disorder. Moreover, the family member must maintain the hygiene (Jung, 2015). Fromwhere the patient seats to the dressing should be well organized. The importance of thehealth promotion in this matter is that it looks at the well-being of each that is affected by theNUR329 S1 2018. Assignment 2.Student Name:Students Number:Page3
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