Health Promotion Program in Singapore

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Running head: HEALTH PROMOTION PROGRAM IN SINGAPOREHEALTH PROMOTION PROGRAM IN SINGAPOREName of the student:Name of the university:Author note:
1HEALTH PROMOTION PROGRAM IN SINGAPOREIntroduction:Diabetes is one of the most significant chronic disorders which had been affecting thelives of people of different ages all over the world. It has taken the form of an epidemic and hasbeen affecting both the develop countries and developing countries altogether. Singapore has notbeen an exception as individuals of this nation are also found to be affected. The old aged cohortof this nation is the most vulnerable group as the tendencies to develop the disorder increaseswith age. Diabetes is a condition where the body system produces insufficient insulin. Insulinmainly produced by the beta cells of the islets of langerhans help in making the body cells absorbthe glucose form the blood to gain energy after respiration (Eldredge et al., 2016). In case ofdiabetes the body either produces low level of insulin or the body cell does not respond toinsulin. These increase sugar level in blood that disrupts normal physiological system of thebody and often becomes life threatening. Therefore it is extremely important for development ofhealth promotion program which will address the issue and take steps that will reduce the burdenof diabetes on such cohort in the population. It is found that diabetes was the 4thand the 8thmostcommon condition which had caused the patients to visit the clinics and hospital admissionsrespectively in 2014 (Tucker et al., 2014). The cost burden for diabetes in Singapore for the oldercitizens is found to be beyond 940 million in 2014 to that of 1.8 billion to 2050. Of the differentage cohorts, it is seen that the patients of the age groups 60 to 69 are more prone to poor qualitylife due to diabetes. This can be supported with the help of a statistical study as follows:
2HEALTH PROMOTION PROGRAM IN SINGAPORESource: (Sallis et al., 2015)It has been also stated by the researchers that although diabetes is not fatal in short term butundiagnosed as well as poorly controlled diabetes ultimately lead to different disabilities anddiseases. These ultimately compromise the life of the elderly people as well as their caregivers.Progression of the different complications becomes rapid once the symptoms of diabetes arepoorly managed. It has been found that every year in Singapore about 2 in 3 of the kidneyfailures are found in patients; suffering from diabetes (Sharma, 2016). Moreover 1 in every 2people who had a heart attack have coexisting disease burden of diabetes and also 2 in 5 peoplewho suffered stroke also had diabetes. Hence it is extremely important for the old people to beaware of the complication of the disease.The health promotion will mainly have two important goals:The first will be to educate the patients of diabetes about how to manage their symptomseffectively.
3HEALTH PROMOTION PROGRAM IN SINGAPOREThe second goals would be to take preliminary initiatives by the aging individuals in away so that they can reduce their chances of developing the disorder in their lifetime.The main health promotion model that would be used in order to establish the programsuccessfully would be the health belief model. This model usually contain five important stepswhich of followed successfully may help in bringing a behavioral change in the concernedpopulation showing benefitting effects:The first step would be to gather information by conducting a health assessment for theconcerned disorder in the selected patient group. This assessment would then help in theidentification of the cohort of the population who is at risk so that the correct cohort can betargeted. The health promotion will be conducted at first by sending close ended survey forms toevery household of the community instructing only members above year’s age to be eligible forfill up (Basak, Chinar and Chou, 2014). The responses which will return to the centre will help inidentifying the number of old aged people suffering from diabetes. The survey questions willalso help in understand in the health conditions of the diabetic patients, how their conditions aremaintained, wherever they are well aware of the risk factors, whether they take in medicationsproperly, whether they are educated or not on the health issue. All these would help the membersof the health promotion program to develop an all over idea about the patients and accordinglythey will plan the entire project (Lerner et al., 2013). These need to be completed within fourteendays of the initiation of the program so that one can proceed with the next step in the fifteenthday.
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