Health Promotion in Public Health Assignment

Added on - Mar 2020

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Running Head: HEALTH PROMOTION IN PUBLIC HEALTH1Health Promotion in Public HealthTobacco smoking in the Australian community is a problem that has been facing the people for along time with the most negative impacts on the health and social lives of the users and thesociety at large. Australia is made up of many groups and the main focus of the research goes tothe Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Due to the location and nature of the indigenouspeople in Australia, they end up using tobacco more as compared to other groups.40% of theAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are daily smokers (1). The policies put across by thegovernment strive to reduce the rate of tobacco use so as to reduce all the health complicationsthat come along with the habit. Throughout the years, there has been an increase in the numberof indigenous people smoking as especially with the great numbers of youths indulgingthemselves in the act. It is therefore difficult for the governmental policies to take effect assmoking has become a social norm among this group. It seems normal for most people and theyeither smoke for enjoyment or stress (4). The health impacts that come along with tobacco useinclude lung disease and different types of cancers like cancer of the mouth (3). The mortalityrate of this certain group is increasing each day due to diseases related to smoking.Research suggests that the people are well aware of the problems associated with the issue oftobacco use but lack the knowledge to understand the specific effects to different peopledepending on their usage and situation. The government and NGO’S are however investing moreresources, time and knowledge to promoting the health of the aboriginals (4). Health and anti-tobacco campaigns have been put to ensure that the group of people understands what theircurrent behavior could cost them in the future. The indigenous people are lagging behind in theaspects of the knowledge required to use drugs responsibly for the sake of a better health (2).They consider smoking a social activity that they must do regardless of the dangers it mightbring to their lives. It is therefore important to create awareness to the population encouragingthem to try a more natural and healthy living for a healthy life. Medical professionals can passthe message better because they are the picture of health in the society.Dealing with indigenous groups is usually challenging especially when trying to enforce changein their ways of life. Tobacco use is one of the practices that the aboriginals of Australia considerto be part of their cultural practices (2). Health promoters should therefore be aware of facingissues that can be considered cultural discrimination because of asking people to quit theparticular product. Another ethical issue is the impacts that their campaigns might cause to thelong term smokers (3). If for example the medical team is explaining the problems that comefrom smoking, they should consider doing it right because they might affect the users. Peoplemight be scared after learning the truth to an extent that it stresses them which is another healthproblem.
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