Health Promotion Setting Assignment

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Media Release to the PublicMedia ReleaseLOGAN : PRIMARY HEALTHCARE NOW MORE THAN EVERDated on: 04-11-2017Media Release No :192345The Logan Hospital is the major centre for health which was started in 1990 and operating as one of thehospitals of Metro South health. This hospital is one among the fastest growing regions in the state andit also provides a range of specialized services for all children as well as for adults. The emergencydepartment is the one which is operating in the hospital is treating more than 88,000 presentations forone year. The hospital is providing A-U services. Acute Mental Health Care to Upper GastrointestinalSurgery is provided in the Hospital. The hospital is very proud to reveal that the services are providedfor 24 hours in all 7 days of the week.The hospital provides safety and health care in high quality to thepatients. The patients are treated with high respect, dignity. They are included in the importantdecisions and choice about your health care. Logan hospital focused mainly on treating the patients.Traditionally all the hospitals focus in diagnosing the diseases and treating the diseases. But thisstrategy did not prevent health of the people. So the hospital is planningto change the focus fromtreating the patients to preventing the patients from diseases.The stakeholders of the hospital isplanning to focus on the person centred care. The activities of the person centred care includes thefollowingHuman touch of the staffs to reduce the stress of the patients.Encouraging the family and friends to take care of the patients.Providing some useful and informative tips to the patients to take care of themselves.By providing healthy and delicious food to the patients and their families.Giving Support to the patients in connecting with them in the spiritual actions.Yours Sincerely,The Dean,Logan Hospital.Contact our Consumer Care for further detailsEmail id :Cnr Loganlea Rd & Armstrong Rd, MeadowbrookPhone no :(07) 3299 8899
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