Unit: 2 Mental Health and Wellbeing Assignment

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Health PromotionName:Aishah IrfanTutor:Cathy RutledgeUnit:2 Mental Health and Wellbeing1
Contents Page1.Significance of early experiences during childhood = Page 32.Early warning signs of mental stress on people = Page 43.Benefits of early intervention on individual’s mental health and wellbeing =Page 54.Support structures provided by public service organisations = Page5.Interventions that are used to promote healthy ways of coping with stress =Page 66.Strategies that are used to build resilience in people = Page 87.Benefits and limitations of using social media to promote mental health andwellbeing = Page 88.A local/ national strategy that promotes mental health and resilience for thepolice = Page 109.Conclusion = Page 1110.References = Page 122
IntroductionIn this support package, it will be explaining the importance of an individual’s earlyexperiences and how it impacts them into adulthood and in the workplace. It alsoincludes the early warning signs of mental stress on people and what supportstructures are provided by public service organisations. Additionally, it will alsodescribe the potential benefits that early intervention can have on an individual’smental health and wellbeing and what interventions promote healthy ways of coping.Significance of early experiences during childhoodEvery adult has gone through and experienced adulthood and their childhood hassignificantly impacted on their life as an adult when it comes to; personalrelationships, mental health, how they see the world. One major factor of anindividual’s childhood is their parent, every parent has the responsibility to give theirkids opportunities and to try to give them a good childhood. Good parenting, a stableenvironment and positive exposure increases the chances of the child to becomehappy and successful. On the other hand, bad parenting, negative exposure anddangerous environments will cause serious problems for the child and it will last intoadulthood (M. Komay, 2020).There are a variety of different ways to inflict childhood trauma, however, the maincauses are; neglect, sexual/physical abuse and other forms of abuse. This can beinflicted by parents, siblings and people in positions of power and authority. As aresult it can “leave physiological, psychological and emotional scare long after theabuse has subsided”(M. Komay, 2020).3
Psychology Today states that “one of the most devastating impacts of childhoodtrauma is the effect it has on self-image”(J. Wu, 2019). Additionally, adults who haveexperienced a significant amount of childhood trauma are more likely to develop apattern of “victimhood” thinking. This is the state of mind that an individual is a victim.This is a very dangerous way to think because the way that people see themselvescan have a great impact on their words, choices, careers, opportunities andrelationships.Additionally, a child growing up in poverty also impacts their mental health. TheJoseph Rowntree Foundation conducted a report in 2015 about the “Psychologicalperspectives on poverty” (B. Fell, M. Hewstone), the aim of the report was toresearch the consequences and causes of poverty. It looked into four main areas:the social processes, mental health, genes, the environment and brain cognition.Their research showed that poverty increases a variety of different psychologicalillnesses. The study showed that people who had a low socio-economic status (SES)were more likely to develop psychological illnesses like “schizophrenia, mood andanxiety disorders, and alcohol and substance abuse” (B. Fell, H. Hewstone, 2015).Early warning signs of mental stress on peopleDifferent people experience stress differently and some people might not be awarethat they are under stress right away and in some cases individuals are under stresswithout recognising the signs. Stress can effect an individual emotionally, physicallyand their behaviour.My head is tight and all my thoughts are whizzing around in different directions andI can’t catch them”(Mind, 2021).4
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