Health System Reform | Introduction

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ABSTRACTMotivation-Health system reform is a process which consists the discussion about the health systemwhich is already exist in a country. The primary health care is the need in case of any kind of healthissues as there are two possibilities under the health system reform process, either the existing system willhave some changes in it or the whole system will be replaced by the new one. In Australia the motivationto reform the health system came after the evaluation of a particular area, the people are suffering fromthe various dangerous health disease. For providing the health care services to those people the healthsystem reform has to be done with the support of government and some health experts. In this context theAustralian health department have taken the initiative as they are providing so much health care servicesin which the obesity is also included which is a major problem with the people of Australia(Zhou andMcDonough, (2014).).The health issues can impact on a human body as the metabolism of the bodyworks so slowly and it does not support, in so many cases it leads to some other hazardous disease likecancer, heart problems, diabetes etc. The heath issues may come from the unsophisticated food and nophysical workout. This health issues should be degraded from the people so Australia health departmenthave decided to implement some programs which can be favorable for the patients who are suffering fromsome unconditional disease. To came over from these things the health care system should get reformwith the new possibilities.Causes of health issues-There are so many factors observed by the medical experts which canmake impact on a human body as a health issue. These factors can be seen as causes of thisdisease in which the energy intake is the main cause, it implies that the amount of food dependson the age on a person. Also, the size of body and the physical activities done by that persondoes matter in consuming the food also the type of food is also so important. If there is a ladyand she is pregnant so her body will convert the all the protein, carbohydrate and fact into theenergy which she wants to bear that pain. The energy intake is decided already by the experts aschildren intake is about 6000 kilojoules, 9000 kilojoules for the adolescents and 10000 kilojoulesfor the adults aged 19 and above. The reason behind the such health issues also can be seen as ifsomeone’s body consumes more calories and ultimately it burns. Some people believes thathealth issue is a result of eating more unhygienic food and less exercising.There are some
factors which are also responsible for the various health issues in the human body, such as it canbe genetic, the environmental change can make a person unhealthy, the behavioral factors areconsiderable and so many social factors like at some places the person cannot for any physicalexercise due to its busy schedule (Shen and Snowden, (2014)). The genetic impact on a personwhich forces him to be with an unhealthy schedule which increases the risk of health issues. Theperson who is totally inactive and his lifestyle and schedule have not physical activity resultinghe is so unhealthy, in such situation the risk % may increases. There are some conditions likeinappropriate daily life, junk food, lazy working environment and also the unawareness of aperson regarding his health issues. Some of the health issues are quite complicated to beanalyzed. The symptoms can be seen as problems in breathing, the various disorders associatedwith the breathing like sleep apnea, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease etc. In some othercases health issues can be the seen in form of cancers like in men, prostate and bowel cancer andin women breast and uterine cancer. Depression, diabetes, gallbladder and liver problems and theGERD (gastro esophageal reflux disease) are also some major health issue which may be seenwith the people of Australia. After evaluating these causes of health issues the primary healthcare should be upgraded with the new facilities and latest technology. The various changesshould be done in the primary health care system.Preventions-Australia health department have started so many programs and events under theprimary health care system in which people have known about the various prevention strategieswhich can be used for decreasing the chances ofhealth issues. If the lifestyle of a person willhave changes then it can be prevented. The person should do start some physical activities in itsdaily routine like yoga, meditation and so on. People may go for the physical counseling forgetting out of any physical disorder. The primary health care have the catalog for the patients bywhich they can see the instructions to be healthy. The drug therapy is also an option to comeover those health issues provided in the primary health care system. For example people with 27of BMI are suffering with the disease like obesity. .Result-The health system reform in Australia is done under the supervision of Australia healthdepartment. In this process the discussion is done on the various modification and replacement ofthe existing health system. From last few years the risk % and the number of people have somany health problems are decreased with a big difference. Due to the health system reform the
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