Healthcare Assignment - Federal and State Government

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Running head: HEALTH CAREHEALTH CAREName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1HEALTH CAREFederal and State governmentThere are some the main differences between the Federal state and the localgovernment in United States. A federal government is liable to survey the health of the entirepopulation, set the laws and the polices, pass the regulations and the codes of conduct and isalso responsible for the delivery of the personal health services. Furthermore, the president ofthe United States chooses the secretary of the health departments under the federalgovernment ( Some of the united public health services includes thecenter for disease control, the food and Drug administration, the National Institutes of Health,the Health Resources and Services Administration and many more. On the other hand, thestate health organizations might work as a freestanding independent agency or as an elementof a superagency. The power of the state agencies and the superagencies vary. The fourteenstate health departments are considered the main environmental agency in the state. Theoperation of the state health agency also varies. They are different in their level ofcentralization at the state level ( The activities and the responsibilities ofeach of the state agencies may differ and can be based on the needs of each of the states;however, there are some common activities of all the state run agencies. It should bementioned that many of the state agencies are funded by formulas specifying the proportionof the state and the federal funding procedure. In the early 19thcentury, the federalgovernment use to cut grants by the help of the block granting process.Missouri department of health and senior servicesunder the state government of theMissouri. It is a non-profit association of the members who work in health care, public healthand other areas. It is an affiliate of the American Public Health association. The main aim ofthis agency is to improve the health and the safety of all the communities across Missouri.
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