Issues and Trends in the Healthcare Environment Assignment

Added on - 20 Sep 2019

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Running Head: HEALTHCARE FINANCE PROJECT 1Healthcare Finance ProjectName of the Student:Name of the University:Course Number:
HEALTHCARE FINANCE PROJECT2A.The issues and trends in the healthcare environment that may affect the financialSuccess of nonprofit hospitalsIntroductionThe entire report will revolve around the possible issues and trends that are affecting thefinancial success of the nonprofit hospitals to a great extent. In the recent times it has beenobserved that the nonprofit hospitals were mainly formed with an intention to serve the peoplefree of cost who do not have required money for getting themselves treated but unfortunately themost of the nonprofit hospitals are facing challenges on a daily basis. The above-mentionedchallenges are mainly in form of managing the endowment funds efficiently, raising requiredmoney, appointing volunteer labor and searching the donation of goods.DiscussionAnalysis of Health Care EnvironmentIt has been already said that there are some of the trends and issues in the environment ofthe healthcare is greatly affecting the financial success with regards to the nonprofit hospitals.Healthcare challenges and trendsGlobally it has been greatly noticed that all of the health economies are facing more orless the same challenges. Furthermore, the entrance of customer technology is giving a lot ofchallenges to the healthcare hospitals. Firstly, it has been noticed that there is a increasing indemand with regards to the healthcare delivery hospitals and it is the phenomenon that is taking
HEALTHCARE FINANCE PROJECT3place in each and every country across the globe. However, people are living much longer thanthey used to live in the earlier times due to the advancement of technology in the healthcaresegment. On the other hand, the people are not only living longer but they are also living with alot of chronic diseases. The countries with a large number of clinicians need to strongly addressin taking the graduates into the medical schools and it is mostly failing in a lot of countries.Moreover, it has been witnessed that the challenge is not at all limited to the doctors only as theenrollment in the nursing colleges has also collapsed in some of the countries across the globe.For a well-run health system it is an absolute necessity to make sure that the staffs are properlytrained as well as equipped and doing the correct tasks with regards to their skills and training. Italso reveals an ethical challenge as some of the countries try to recruit the nurses and doctors forfilling up the gap from the other countries by keeping out those societies of the professionalsrelated to the healthcare.Secondly, quality also plays an important role for the healthcare hospitals especially forthe non-profit hospitals. In the current times, the patients have begun to exercise in terms of withwhom they will be involved in the healthcare hospitals and their right to choose the services. Thepatients also highly demand the transparency of the processes and data in the hospitals.Throwing light on the above-mentioned discussion it can be said that some of the healthcarehospitals are lagging behind in this segment and they are struggling a lot in terms of provinghigh-quality services so that their patients will be benefitted to a great extent. Arguably, it hasbeen also noticed that there are a lot of hospital acquired infections to the patients, wrongsurgery, medication errors and also other human related errors that has increased.The global healthcare trends in the recent times are as follows: there is a rise of the socialmedia and informed patients. In the recent times, the patients are becoming more and more
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