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1HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENTCurrent status of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health InformationTechnology (ONC).The current study will provide detailed information about the new development andbarriers that are encountered by the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology.The barriers that are encountered in the process of implementing information system will also bediscussed.The National Health Information Infrastructure is the subset of ONC. The current aim ofthe organization is to provide effectiveness in the quality of Healthcare data provided in theUnited States. Currently the use of Technology in the Healthcare sector is in the form offragmentation like in the case of information sharing. Due to the poor technologicalinfrastructure it is not possible to transfer information related to health care service. There is alsothe challenge of the legal system in a matter of dealing with exchanging Healthcare information.The major barriers for the overall system of Healthcare information infrastructure is dueto lack of standards that prevent in the matter of data sharing (Wager et al., 2017). Insufficientamount of funding and incentives is also another barrier, which is preventing the overall qualityand safety of Healthcare service. The Federal Government of the United States along with thelocal government are the major stakeholders of these information system (Hillestadet al., 2017).The stakeholders play an important role in improving the overall infrastructure. With better levelof leadership that is imeplemted in the forms of better healthcare management, it is possible tofacilitate the development of national Healthcare information system. It is important to properlymake use of the technology with better level of infrastructure in order to improve the
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