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Running head: Healthcare professionalsHealth Care Professionals[Document subtitle][DATE][COMPANY NAME][Company address]
Healthcare professionalsAbstractFor this assignment, a research has been conducted on different roles of physician that are playedby them in health care practices .this report helps in providing examples in the expanded andminimized roles by providing examples on the role a hospital physician plays.How have the traditional roles of physicians changed and evolved over the past 10 years?The role of the physician has been changing every day, due to new and recent changes in thecareer options (Colla, 2014). This issue helps the physician in exploring new roles in terms ofcareer opportunities.Expanded and minimized rolesThe expanded roles of practitioners help in making the primary care facility more affordable thathelps in getting the services easily by not waiting for the doctor.Private PracticeIn private practice, the physician learns a lot of new things, due to the arising of new illness andnew technologies(Johnson,2016). In the private practice, the physician involvement is muchmore due to the management roles as well.Large group Practice RolesIf the large group is practising together it results in treating the patient more affordable by havingmultiple viewpoints for the same problem(Morhardt,2015)Specialist practicesIn terms of specialist practice, the treatment is done for one problem only and the specialists aregenerally more paid due to the speciality in one field of study(Howland,2017).
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