Heent and Respiratory Infections

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Running Head: HEENT and Respiratory Infections1HEENT and Respiratory InfectionsNameInstitutional Affiliation
HEENT and Respiratory Infections2HEENT and Respiratory InfectionsAntibiotics are syrup or tablet medicines that are used by doctors and other healthpractitioners to cure or control infections that are caused by bacteria. Antibiotics kills bacteriaand thus preventing them from continuous multiplication and helps to treat respiratorydisorders. I would recommend that doctors to continue using antibiotics for treatment ofbacterial infections. This is because research indicates that over ninety percent (90%) orpeople with respiratory disorders have been put into therapies that involve use of antibioticsthat they have shown a significant improvement.Wheezing is a symptom that shows existence of respiratory disorder in infants. Theetiologic treatment in children who are wheezing vary so much according to the age of thechild/children. This is because wheezing is experienced more in younger children ascompared to older children. For instance, a nationwide survey performed in Australia showedthat 26% of children experienced wheezing at the age of between two and three years, whilethe percentage decreased to 13% in children between 9 and 11 years (Bakhshi, Padmanjali, &Arya, 2008).The first guiding objective to diagnosis of wheezing children is the age. This isbecause the age or children contribute towards experiencing of wheezing disorders. Othersinclude infections and allergies. This means that chest x-ray should be done to determine andeliminate the causes of the cough so that the child becomes comfortable in order to respondpositively to treatments.
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