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Hello, All,. As a growing financial services company, w

Added on - 16 Sep 2019

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Hello, All,As a growing financial services company, we face multiple challenges in the area of serversecurity which is an integral part of many guidelines on compliance and auditing. We are,therefore, refining the way we manage administrative privileges across our Development andProduction environments.The primary objective is to secure our systems but this needs to be accomplished such thatour normal daily workflow does not get disrupted. During the past several months, IT hasdesigned, tested and staged our Active Directory Container Policies in order to mitigatevulnerabilities which are known and visible.As part of this initiative, we intend to implement the following guidelines with regards toLocal Admin access:Advisor accounts will not be granted local administrative rights to Developmentservers.Advisor accounts will be granted local administrative rights to Production serversbased on job functions and server class.Regular (non-advisor) accounts will be granted local administrative rights toDevelopment servers.Regular (non-advisor) accounts will not be granted local administrative rights toProduction servers.Access to Production servers will be granted to individuals with approved changes,rollout, or on-call responsibilities.Approved Domain Admins group will be an exception to the above.In Production, the NOC team will be responsible for managing all Group and Userpermissions for roles such as on-call support, change deployments, and rollouts.If your team has change deployments or rollouts and requires access to relevant systems,kindly ask them to contact the NOC team with a valid CCR so that all required access can begranted to your team.Our IT shared folder provided additional information about this implementation exercise.As we modify systems user account access, I will send out group emails to notify allconcerned about the same.Warm regards,(YOUR NAME)
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