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Added on - Sep 2019

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Hello,I have designed a Law Management Web App in Visual Studio and MS SQL Server 2008 using C#, thatwill run on the extranet of a small Law Firm. A Secretary/Solictor/Barriter can add client details tothe system, update the details, delete or edit, and also email fee to the client while also being ableto email the case details to the solicitor/barrister.Also the UpdateClient.aspx.cs webfrom we search for a client by putting there name in the text boxlabelled name and if the name is correct the textboxes are populated with the details etc.As you look at the webapp you will see there are a few issuesMy queries and what I would like you to fix are below... I want the same layout kept as close to whatit is as possible. The only real changes I want are listed below.1)The most important issue is with normalization of the database.dbo.User has repeating groups Secretary, Solicitor and Barrister. I would like the table to benormalized to include another table of UserType consisting of Secretary, Solicitor and Barrister usingforeign keys to link back to the dbo.User table. The main issue for me is allowing for this in theproject code wise in Login.aspx.cs, SignUp.aspx.cs and Forget.aspx.csThe dbo.ClientDetails table I created should also be normalized as it consists of a number ofrepeating groups. Department is a repeating group and should have its own table, CasePlan shouldhave its own table and also CaseStatus is a repeating group and should have its own table. Thesethree extra tables should use foreign keys etc to link back to the main table dbo.ClientDetails. Onceagain my issue is that I cannot code this correctly or design it in the project code wise inNewClient.aspx.cs, UpdateClient.aspx.cs, EmailClientFee.aspx.cs and EmailSolBarCase.aspx.cs.I hope I explained that correctly? Can you confirm?I would like the Database/Tables and Webform code normalized correctly so I can update, delete,email etc correctly which updates, deletes or alters the database correctly in a normalised way.My current attempt works, but it is not normalized correctly so in effect it is useless for my project.2)I would like a user session to be created for each user that logs in. So each secretary/solicitor orbarrister who have access to the system will have their name show up on a small label in theHome.aspx.cspage. If they log out their user session goes. This is so I could potentlaly have twousers logging in at the same time.
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