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Heritage and cultural tourism managementHeritage and culture industry is growing very fast as well as it has such growth factors whichmakes it separate from other sectors.Development is necessary for every entity so that they can achieve the targets and goals whichmanagement has decided.This industry mainly focuses on tradition and culture of society. The term heritage actually refersto the culture and tradition of a particular.These are the cultural and social values that have been passed from one generation to othergeneration.Tour operators and other sectors are involving themselves in growth of heritage and culture.Preserving such monuments and heritage sites is become the main agenda in Tibet hence this willhelp in growth of this sector.There are some laws and regulations have been enacted there in Tibet in reference withpreservation and development of heritage and culture.Such legislation prevents the miss-utilization of historical monuments. Heritage tourism in Tibet isseen as religious tour.Because Tibet is very famous for Buddhism Monks and Buddhism religion, hence tourists fromaround the world visits Tibet to gather information about the Buddhism religion.Later on government of Tibet had implemented such policies and strategies so that their Religiousplaces can be developed as tourist attractions and they can generate revenue for the government ofTibet. As well as it will develop travel and tourism sector in country.
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