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Hi this are the topics discussed in the discussions.. National

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Added on  2019-09-13

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Hi this are the topics discussed in the discussions.1.National income accounting2.Infrastructure spending and Trumponomics3.Americans seek their pay raise4.African economy in Expansion5.Productivity growth6.Russian Recession7.The Real spending multiplier8.Chinese economic clout9.The Great Trumponomic Challenge10.On Milton Friedman’s legacy11.Today vs. 198012.Reliance on a monetary rule13.New Chinese growth strategy14.The Federal Reserve needs New Thinking15.On the Economic FutureThis are the topics discussed in Case Study1.Bank of Japan Acts Again2.The end of high Growth3.Unkept Economic Promises4.Europe Crisis5.Russian Recession6.Government Spending7.China’s inevitable slowdown8.Japanese Deflation9.Spanish Austerity10.Janet Yellen’s Greatest Challenge11.Doves Vs. Hawks
Hi this are the topics discussed in the discussions.. National_1

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