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Hi,. Your answers are-. 1. In file,

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Hi,Your answers are-1. In file, figureArea function has been used to calculate the area of figure made in image.If it is grates than 1500, it may take time to judge is by our agent, so i have added this to null condition.I am skipping if area is greater than 1500. It is not some random value, as i ran some test cases with differentvalues, if you will decrease it then more number of cases will be skipped and you will get more -1 in answers.2. In, it is just a pracised value, do not have major connection with your result. It is hashing, if you usesome other valu also, it will work. It is simple hashing for value 31. If you notice, in Reflection also i have usedsame hashing, we have to use similar hashing evrywhere else it will be problem.3. X-Axis Transform and Y-Axis Transform are simple matrix transforms. you can go to matrix transform tutorials, ot in my codeyou can see how we can fond transform in x-Axis transform file.4. On comparing Verbal and Visual, I was trying with both of them, In case of verbal method, my answers were skipped, so i was comparing both of them, and where possible increase the results, Using visual gave me less nmber of -1, than verbal.So i used visual, and in verbal method i returned null value. Refrences-Video Link- is refrence video, from which i studied this ad also i took some Georgia university study notes.Also I have done course on Knowledge Based Artificial Intelligence. My Course Link-

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