Hierarchy and Power are Intrinsic to Current Health Care System - Assignment

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Topic: Hierarchy and power are intrinsic to the current health care system in Australia.INTRODUCTIONThis is can be stated that there is an significant role of health and health care facilities to thegrowth of society and the stability of the society. Increased care for illness leads to enhancingstability in society and towards the construction of society. The various theories developed by theresearcher helps in regulating and restricting the illegal practices of the professionals of healthcare in society. The various theories like functionality theory helps in developing an correlationbetween the medical care and the sufferer of disease. While the conflicting theory focuses on theroles and duties of an practitioner in order to maintain legal and ethical practices in workingenvironment (Bleakley, Bligh & Browne, 2011). Both these theories helps the patients to recoverfrom the issues by getting and quality of the services. While the symbolic interaction between thepeople of society and the medical professional helps in delegating the responsibilities moreefficiently and accurately. In this particular report the various theories to the health care practicesare discussed in order to bring an correlation between the sociological theories and the healthcare practices.MAIN BODYBefore reviewing to the sociological theories the individual should have basic knowledgeabout the concept of health, medicine, and health care practices. All these terms correlates to thehuman being and their healthy lives to give their best response to the development of society.Health is term which describes about the mental. physical and social behaviour of an individual.The condition of these aspects in human beings are rights then the individual is considered as anhealthy person. The individual should be actively involved in sociological activities with fullyinvolved from is mental as well as physical state (Walshe & Smith, 2011). While medicines isthe tool developed by medical science in order to deal passively with the various disease andsufferings by effective diagnose and treatment to the illness. While health care is the serviceswhich involves providing such guidance and assistance to the patient or individual to recover
form disease by diagnosing the sickness efficiently by health care professional or practitioner.The different theories helps in development and stability in society by increasing healthy lives insociety and reducing the illness factors. The following table discuses about the sociologicalperspective of health and health care practices in society contributing to development ofcommunities.Theoretical prospectiveof health in societyAssumptions to sociological theoriesFunctionalismThese particular theories deal with the legitimacy of the sickness ofan individual. This theory states various sick roles that should beexpressed by a person in order to gain society concerns andacceptability of illness in social life. This helps in brining exemptionsfrom the normal obligation in society by an individual. This describesthat there is a nature of hierarchical relationship between thepractitioner or medical care professional and ill person or sufferer.They follows a relationship which states that physician instructs theindividual or guides him and patent follows his advice to recoverfrom disease fast. This theory states that good health and qualitymedical care is importance for developing stability in function ofsociety and development of society as well.Conflict theoryThere is huge availability of differences in the health of societypeople and the quality of medical care practices. There is a presenceof conflicting situation between the ill people of society and thelower quality of professional medical care and assessments. Thepractitioner is involved in making large amount of profit and moneyfrom the disadvantaged social group of society. These groups belongsbackground of to poor and underprivileged communities of societywhich are largely conflicted by in terms of health and the lowerquality medical care. These people are more likely to sufferer fromany disease as they are lack of basic facilities and education to dealwith various diseases. So, the medical care professional are engagedin making partial profit by conveying social problem as medicalproblems.SymbolicInteractionismHealth and sickness of an individual birth are considered as the twodifferent defining aspects of social constructions and destruction. The

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