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Higher Diploma in Data Analytics.

Added on -2019-09-16

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Higher Diploma in Data AnalyticsProgramming for BIG Data Project DescriptionSemester 12016 – 2017You are required to carry out a series of analyses of two datasets utilising the programming languages (R and Python) used in this module and programming environments suitable for the task. For each of the chosen datasets you are required to compile a report of the analysis. For each of the reports you should provide the following:A description of the underlying datasets including an assessment of the data types present, with an emphasis on the data that is actually used in the analytical processes[2 x 10%]A description of the objective of the analysis with reference to basic domain literature to explain the domain purpose of the analyses[2 x 10%]A detailed set of design documents including design diagrams of the data processing activities carried out, with flowcharts explaining software design, testing processes and project result evaluation.[2 x 10%]the presentation of the final analysis results along with any associated annotations andsupplementary information[2 x 15%]All deliverables should be compiled into an accompanying project report document for submission along with any programming code elements. Your project report (3000 words) should discuss the challenges that you encountered whilst handling your chosen datasets and the means and mechanisms you implemented to overcome these challenges. [10%]Note: the project contributes towards a maximum of 50% of the marks for the module.

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